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Syndicate: What is SWITCH ?

From: "YuLin Chien" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:22:06 PDT

SWITCH invites you to participate in the quest for the digital media art of 
the next millennium.

What is SWITCH ?

Switch is the new media journal of the Cadre Institute, devoted to reporting 
and discussing new digital arts as they develop. The Cadre Institute is an 
interdisciplinary academic and research program at San Jose State 
University, and has published Switch on the WWW since 1995.

We have sensed that there are many unexplored forms of database as net art. 
However, just as there were many chaotic and useless web pages that effected 
the development of many innovative network arts, We suspect that there are 
various types of databases out there which imply unexplored conceptual 
perspectives for either artists or active web surfers who are considering 
the riches of database in network art forms. Moreover, there are also 
potentially unintentional efforts (as art) out there that are very 
intriguing, though not explicitly as art. Such databases may function as art 
in unexpected ways.

Switch works hard to bring you the best coverage and criticism of new 
technology in digital art, and we welcome all your valuable suggestions. If 
you know of a great database on the web (art or not) that Switch is not 
aware of, be sure to let us know about it.


YuLin Chien

Switch on line journal of Cadre institute at SJSU



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