Jean-Philippe HALGAND on Fri, 29 Oct 1999 17:02:41 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: CONNECTED - Networked Media Culture in a Changing Europ

I'm very much interested in this european cultural backbone and also would 
like toknow how to take part into it.
First, I would like to  introduce you MAP (Metamorph-ARN-Pericles). MAP is 
a structure of artists and researchers working on the the networks and also 
an art /event database project which we hope to be complementary to the 
medialounge initiative.

MAP is :
Metamorph (Bordeaux) is at
ARN (Lorient) is at
Pericles (Bordeaux) is at (next version in progress)

MAP is currently located at :
In french only for the moment and we're working on it.

MAP is also responsible for the organisation of the x-00 event in Lorient 
in march 2000.
> The "x-00" event in march2000 (check please
is not a festival, it is expected to be an> hybrid space, confusing 
networks and bringing along practices, objects and
> people.
"x-00" will be in part
focused > on :
> issues such "the place of human beings in a networked technological
> environnment of communication, attitudes and commitments,and related
> topics" ;
> and mainly devoted to live performances, streaming events with radio and
> video, presentations, workshops and informal meetings to enable this
moment > to be lively.

Jean-Philippe HALGAND

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