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Syndicate: CONNECTED - Networked Media Culture in a Changing Europ

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 15:56:14 +0300
From: Tapio Makela <tapio@Meteori.COM>

Networked Media Culture in a Changing Europe

Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre, Helsinki, November 19th -21st, 1999
Part of Helsinki Media Week programme
Coordinated by Tapio Mäkelä,

/~CONNECTED brings together practitioners, producers and policy makers
within contemporary media culture in Europe. Its attempts to create
exchanges of experience and information between organisations and
individuals from different fields: media cultural organisations, media
centres, policy makers on a local, national and European level, media art
organisations, corporate research labs and university researchers.

Following events such as P2P conference in Netherlands
( and Networking Centres of Innovation in Austria,
it explores the ways in which local experiences can be compared, exchanged
and rewritten to form models of best practice.

The event will officially launch the ECB, European Cultural Backbone, a
network based on trust and a shared interest to promote a rich media
cultural practice, which already flourishes in Europe. The network proposes
that an Internet Backbone or a set wide bandwidth would be subsidised by
the EU in order to enable transnational media production, broadcast
transmission of events and inexpensive communications. The ECB acts as an
advisory body for the policy makers nationally and within the EU.

/~CONNECTED is about the goals of the ECB:

1)	Bandwidth for media culture
2)	Support for models of best practice
3)	Active investigation of what European media culture consists of
4)	Enhanced networking between media cultural organisations,
individual  hubs" and policy makers.

/~CONNECTED refers to the ways in which media cultural local practices and
organisations create collaboration, projects, discourse and policy across
and partly independent of national borders. Emerging networks, projects and
content are no longer international, but translocal by nature, already

(some more information on ecb here...)

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