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Syndicate: Exhibition of NET ART in MECAD\Media Centre of Art & Design

MECAD\Media Centre of Art & Design presents the international exhibition 
of net art NET_CONDITION, the largest net art show presented to this day, which 
includes works from more than 100 artists. net_condition is the title of the international show or net art 
which MECAD has organized in collaboration with three other prestigious centres: 
ZKM ­ Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe (Germany) ­the biggest 
research center and museum in the world devoted to electronic art­, the 
steirischer herbst festival, Graz (Austria), which since 1986 focuses its 
attention on contemporary art manifestations, and NTT ­ InterCommunication 
Center, Tokyo (Japan), the main media art centre in its country. With the 
participation of more than 100 artists from all around the world, 
net_condition shows, together for the first time, the most importat net 
art works which have been produced since the beginning of this artistic 
practice, and also new projects developed specifically for this event. 
The show at MECAD opens next Thursday, September 23rd, and can be visited at 
MECAD premises until next November 19th, as well as in Internet until December, 
2000 ( 
Ubiquity, descentralization and connectivity are the three main traits which 
define net art, and make it into one of the most revolutionary among the 
existing production paths. For the first time, in these works the production, 
distribution and reception mean is the same. net_condition has been 
organised precisely out of the willingnes of all four participating centres to 
work together in a descentralized way, in a space which is shared and accesible 
from anywhere in the world. 
Each participating centre presentes, on occasion of the show, some new works 
developed specially for the Internet. The works that constitute MECAD¹s 
contribution to the project have been produced with the support of this Media 
Centre. The participating artists are Antoni Abad, with "Z"; 
Roberto Aguirrezabala, with "what:you:get"; and Ricardo 
Iglesias, with "Referencias". The latter project has been entirely 
produced with the support of MECAD. 
Peter Weibel, renowned specialist in media art and recently appointed 
director of ZKM, has been the general curator of the show. Claudia 
Giannetti (director of MECAD), Jeffrey Shaw (ZKM) and 
Toshiharu Ito (ICC) have acted as local curators. 
net_condition can be visited at the local venue in MECAD\Media 
Centre of Art and Design, Marqués de Comillas 79-83, 08202 Sabadell, from 
Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 20:00 h, and also in the Internet: further information, please contact 
Patricia Bofill, tel. 93 745 70 40, fax 93 726 81 83, e-mail 
press@mecad.orgA more detailed press release will be sent upon 
Departamento PrensaMECAD\Media 
Centre d'Art i DissenyMarqués de Comillas 79-8308202 
Sabadell-Barcelona SPAINTel: +34 93 745 70 40Fax: +34 93 726 81 
83e-mail: press@mecad.org