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Re: Syndicate: U$ attack on Belgrade + moral skitzophrenia

> B2-92 is under the heaviest fascist censorship of news and other
> programmes that it has ever suffered. The real censorship is comming
> not from Milosevic's regime, but from a Holandese corporation and the
> Soros foundation.

    Whoow, take it easy! Radio B2-92's news are still OK. After hearing
    their news, you can still say that you are very well informed about
    the REAL happenings and daily events in Serbia, while the official
    sources (such as the state's news agency, TV and papers) are only
    covering the activities of President Milosevic and his quasi-leftist

    On the other side, I have noticed a GREAT shift in Radio Free
    Europe's broadcasts. Since the war stopped, their program turned
    into a pure crap! All of their reports AND ESPECIALLY anchors'
    comments are totally biased and REALLY unpleasent for listening.
    It's a really good, scholar, example of bad journalism.

              Slobodan Markovic (mailto:twiddle@eunet.yu)
               politics: http://solair.eunet.yu/~twiddle

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