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Syndicate: RE:Re:U$ attack on Belgrade + moral skitzophrenia (fwd)

Ok, this is my reply to a reply posted by Froody to the syndicate list. I thought it was interesting
>To be perfectly honest with you, I don't get much of what you want to say.

Those who had read my previous emails to the list should have little problem in understanding. I am saying that the U$ is using their mercenary politicians to try and cause a civil war in Serbia, that western government and buisiness foundations that had funded alternative work so they could control it, before, are now just funding things that they control completely and that good social projects are dying away with no funding, that social activists will be hungry because all money goes to corrupt liars like "opposition leader" Djindjic. Sorry for the long sentence. Opposition leader means opposed to Milosevic, although this is just as untrue as saying that he is opposed to the system that Milosevic is based on. 

>About that US attack on Belgrade: I think its pretty obvious it was the
>governments fault.

The U$ attack is comming through those politicians now. 
It is the governments' fault, in plural. Both of the US government and of Milosevic. I am interested what your answer would be if Milosevic was openly funding politicians in the USA, which were threatening to topple the U$ government with road blocks and general strikes. What if he was giving money and diplomatic support to the governor of Texas in his bid for Texas independance? Would it be US government's fault becase it breaks human rights, because it has imprisoned Mumia Abu Jamal, made aggression on other countries without UN approval or with UN condemnation... Would it be allright that Milosevic bombs the U$ because they are an imperialist force?

> What is more: it was WAR. It is not like the war was
>against innocent children, it was against lunatics trying to kill off all
>Kosovars. So don't take such a pained tone in your email...

I thought it was a humanitarian intervention. 
The U$ bombing was against all humans living in the region, especially against all residents of Kosov@ and ESPECIALLY AGAINST CHILDREN. Milosevic's government did everything in it's power to cause an uprising in Kosov@ and they failed for a long time. The UCK was a mercenary terrorist group for years. When I say terrorist, I mean they kill some 84 year old Serb people in some village, so they could provoke a retaliation of the police of Serbia (which was most willing to comply) against ethnic Albanian civilians.
The police of Serbia did not try to find the UCK and eliminate it. They openly tolerated it for years. The first few months of the war in Kosov@, their retaliations were almost entirely against civilians.
The Yugoslav government never tried to kill off all Kosovars. In fact, if Kosovars are people that lived in Kosov@, that means Kosovars are at least 10% non-Albanian. If you mean kill off all Albanians (who had never been called Kosovars, just as Muslims were never called Bosnians before 1989., by anyone). The Yu government did try and cause a war there. It succeed in that. It did do heavy ethnic cleansing there and there might have been some actions that can be accounted as genocide (or they fit into ethnic cleansing or mass executions). The official UN report is not ready, but their official estimate has gone down to 11 000 people killed. Compare this to Milosevic's vasals' activities in Bosnia, or those of US ally Suharto in East Timor (the place has become popular recently) or to what the UCK is doing now in Kosov@, and 
Milosevic's "genocide" in Kosov@ looks like a joke (not that it is).

>The Soros corporation has completely stopped funding cultural projects. Now,
>they only give money for politics. B2-92 is under the heaviest fascist
>censorship of news and other programmes that it has ever suffered. The real
>censorship is comming not from Milosevic's regime, but from a Holandese
>corporation and the Soros foundation.
>* also not a clue what you are trying to say here. What is then the "real"

The real censorship is from those who set the editorial policy in ways that the journalists wouldn't tolerate if they had economic independance. The other, more direct censorhip is from the government. It only says what can't be published, but it doesn't say what must be published. The editorial policy of Radio B2-92, just
as that of old B92 is controlled by funders including:
- U$AID, the official foundation of the U$ government, - Soros, the foundation of a U$ market speculator and billionaire with the same name 
- Others.
 I do not know which Holandese corporation (renamed to foundation) it is, but the infosource is from radio B2-92, so I trust it. I mean, the person could loose it's poorly payed job for giving this info.

>* Oh? that seems like a logical conclusion from what you said before... NOT!

When people shout "Long live" to the worst oppressive machine in the world, which is run by a pack of militarists and murderers, just after that machine radiated them with uranium depleted weapons and poisoned their food and water by chemicals from the chemical factories it deliberately destroyed, I must call that moral skitzophrenia. (long sentence, again)

The confusion is that many think their lives would get better under the reign of a pro-us fascist like Zoran Djindjic, the designated "our man for change". Only a few would live better under him - his close "buisiness associates" from the mafia. It is not really a secret that his party has been partly funded by war profiteur sources.
Besides, did the war come from Montengro? I thought the government there was against it and accepted refugees of all nations from Kosov@ and fleeing deserters from Serbia? How about Novi Sad? I thought Vojvodina was a peaceful, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural region. Then why ws it bombed so much? If you make a list of all bombings, you will easily establish a mathematical pattern. Pozarevac, the birthplace of Milsevic and his strong support center (also a center of provincial primitivism) was almost not bombed. Marko Milosevic's bambipark was not bombed. So what do you think was? Centers of opposition to Milosevic's government.
They nuked Pancevo, the toughest opposition center of the counry, since Milosevic came to power. They destroyed the chemical industries. People are dying there. They trashed the Chinese embassy with three missiles from three different directions. They bombed a residential only zone in the downtown of Nis (second biggest city in the country), with cluster bombs. They leveled some villages in Serbia, that were completely empty of army units or instalations, or of any industry, since world war two. They destroyed all three bridges over the Danube in Novi Sad, where Milosevic's parties have togeter less than 20 delegates in the city parliament (Draskovic's party included). They bombed Milosevic's villa, a month and a half after the bombing started and two days after the trucks loaded last of the furniture from it and took it away. They bombed the General's headquarters building  over a month after it was completely emtied and evacuated. The new building where it was situated was v!
ery reckognizable and you could see generals in uniforms entering it. They didn't bomb that one. They didn't bomb Milosevic's bunker in Dobanovci, although they could had killed him there. In fact, he used to drive around Belgrade with one bodyguard, before the bombing. They could had killed him then. I don't think anybody would had mourned. They
only started bombing after the hostilities in Kosov@ had started to cease and there was talk of peace among the population. They did not aim at the army in Kosov@. the official NATO report says that they destroyed 13 (thirteen) tanks of the Yugoslav army. Considering the amount of bombs used and the number of deployed tanks, they could have hit more by randomly bombing the forests of Kosovo. And why did they destroy the residential center of the town of Aleksinac, where there was no industry and no army at the time? Reminder: They hit it with a mere 40 missiles.
And why was Cacak, the center of large antiwar demos, DURING THE NATO BOMBING and a place where Milosevic gets maybe 20% votes bombed so much? Reminder: NATO destroyed ALL industries in Cacak, including a chemical factory. Result was that some people died from drinking the West Morava river water, which is usually pure in that part of the river. But they almost didn't bomb Pozarevac, a city with many industries. 

Their attack was aimed solely at 
1. Intimidation of civilians by "sample" destruction of 
one civilian zone in every area. The idea was to make the people know who is the boss of the world. Now they know, I guess...
2. Destruction of local food production through destruction of chemical industries and food poisoning. The water is even worse. They did the same in Iraq.
Btw. Have you seen photos of Iraqi children after swallowing radioactive particles together wit food (which they rarely get, by the way)?
3. Destruction of any chance of economic development, that would not be dependent on Euroamerican buisinesses and governements. Achieved through almost destroying the entire industry and infrastructure. They left one bridge over every river (more in some places). 
4.Creating the illusion that Milosevic and they are enemies, which is false. Their people in Belgrade and Milosevic's people are in good relations. I think this is normal, considering the similarity of their ways of thinking.
5. Destruction or transformation of centers of opposition to the system into centers of support to Euroamerican funded, openly corrupt, fascist politicians.

>* I have trouble making out if you are pro or contra Milosevic.. and in any
>way you are not clear.

The mail was intended to those who know a lot of my mind and I have posted a lot to this list already. I am contra Milosevic just as I am against the imperialist assholes who want to destroy this Yugoslavia, just as they did the last one, with Milosevic's eager help of course. I don't care about countries and borders, but I do care about people being killed in civil wars, from which only Milosevic's gang, "opposition leaders", Euroamerican buisinesses and weapons industries, militarists of all colours and sadists had made a profit out of. 
Everybody else has lost those wars, just as every compasionate, caring human being would loose from a civil war within Serbia or a civil war between Serbia and Montenegro, just as all people of good will have lost from the war in Kosov@.

>Next time, try to make some more sense before you sent it out to a whole
>mailing list.

I will try that, both before and after I send it.



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