alexei shulgin on Wed, 29 Sep 1999 18:25:07 +0300

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Syndicate: traces of, akke wagenaar's sever doesn't exist anymore. if you try to
reach it, you'll get "server doesn't have a dns entry".
but you still can find it's traces at
if you follow the "cashed" link. no doubts, it will expire as well -
sooner or later.
akke wagenaar was among first artists who started to explore internet as
medium. her hiroshima project was quite successful and important for the
development of internet art (it consisted only of links related to
hiroshima and it's bombing during wwii).
two years ago akke decided to resign form art and started some other,
not art related activity. the reason for that decision was her deep
dissatisfaction with art system and artist's role in society.
attention net art historians: now you probably have the last chance to
reconstruct akke's site from google archives ( or
some other internet back-ups.


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