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Syndicate: Timor Lorosa

From: "Raquel Magalhães" <>
Subject: Timor Lorosae
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 03:04:11 WEST


My name is Raquel and I am from Lisbon, Portugal.

A friend of mine gave me your address, as a part of a discussion group that 
reaches a wide number of people trhoughout the world.

I?m sure you've heard about the timor lorosae issue, and the killing that is 
going on there before the eyes of the international community, mainly the 
united nations.

A choice was given to the maubere people to choose between independence or 
integration on the Indonesian Federation, more than 86% of the over 96% 
voters, exemplary to every so called democratic nation, voted for 
Now the UN deny them protection, they won't send an international peace 
keeping force to the territory unless they have the consent of the 
indonesian governement, their own butchers? they watch them dye in the hands 
of the dictatorial indonesian regime.

Everyday I ask myself, how can this be possible? did they ask Millosevich's 
permission to interfere in Kosovo, did they ask Saddam Hussein if they could 
go in Kuwait and free them?? I don't think so? so why is East Timor 
different? How many more have to die?

I just wanted this to be known, thanks for reading? if you can write to the 
UN, to the representatives of the security council USA, France, Russia, 
China and UK. So they know the world is watching and they owe us what they 


Once more thank you.

Raquel Magalhães, Lisboa 11 de Setembro de 1999

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