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Syndicate: Timor Lorosa

Dear Syndicalists,

The syndicate list has always proved to be an important forum for political
and human rights.
Surprisingly it seems East Timor is not know to the people in the list..

In East Timor an entire population is beeing exterminated away from
televisions and from the world eyes, the ones who don´t want to see because
you must know it.

Please do something...


Widespread death and destruction are  happening  in East Timor.
Unless world leaders exert  maximum pressure on the Indonesian  Government
the  results of last Monday's referendum   will be  followed by a growing
massacre and destruction of thousands of citizens who  braved everything to
vote,  expressing  overwhelmingly their wish to  become independent.
Regrettably, the Indonesian Government is not fullfiling the New York
agreements and has allowed the violence to spread.

An   international force is essential  to prevent the  total  slaughter  of
the people by  the    anti-independence militias.


I call upon you to   URGENTLY exert all of the available means at your
disposal to make the killings  stop and prevent the deportation and
massacre of the people of East  Timor.

      Presidente Bill Clinton :


  Presidente B. J. Habibie:

    Secretrio-Geral da ONU Kofi  Annan

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