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Syndicate: Ballot Manager Vacancy Sarajevo / OSCE

[this was sent to me by Vali Djordjevic -- please pass it on to those you
think appropriate.
best wishes, -inke]

>-----Original Message-----
>From:	Lejla Kapo 
>Sent:	31 August, 1999 09:28
>To:	All Admin. Officers; All Ops Officers; All RC/FO; All Sarajevo
>Subject:	InternationalVacancyNotice#67/99
>The following position is available. Please apply to Personnel Sarajevo
>International Vacancy Notice No.67/99
>The encumbering of an international position is subject to the seconding of
>appropriately qualified personnel from member States.  Any change of a
>seconded position must also be approved by the seconding nation. Applications
>and up-to-date CV's should be sent to Personnel, Sarajevo.
>Post Title: Ballot Manager 
>Type of Appointment: Secondment
>Department: Elections/Election Services
>Location: Sarajevo
>Number Needed: 1 
>Start of Contract:  Mid-October
>Vacancy Notice Issued: 31/08/99
>Deadline for Application: 	13/09/99
>Brief Description
>The "Ballots Manager" is responsible for the production of all the ballots
>for the election, this responsibility covers all aspects from conception of
>design, through to ensuring that ballots received at the warehouse after the
>election are correctly ordered.  
>The incumbent will report in the first instance to the Design Studio Manager,
>but will be heavily supervised from the highest level.  However, the minute
>by minute decision making process will remain with the incumbent.  An error
>at this level could result in wasting time and resources, trying to get the
>correct ballots to a given polling station.  A major error could result in
>the entire failure of the electoral process.  Despite this, the incumbent is
>expected to bring problem solving abilities to the post, and be able to find
>solutions to ensure that all timelines are met.
>Tasks and Responsibilities
>1.	Liaise through the Procurement Co-ordinator to the Procurement Officer to
>ensure that specifications for the ballot order are correct:
>*	Attend the tender opening committee for this project.
>*	Liaise with printer to ensure that quality and quantity of ballot
>production is maintained. 
>2.	 Liaison with Political Party Services to determine the technical
>requirements for the ballot layout.  Also, liaison with Database and
>Programme Development to determine a way of automating aspects of the ballot
>design, in order to save time in the design process after the ballot lottery.
> This will involve developing a system that will be compatible with the
>printer's software and hardware systems.
>3.	 Work with Design Studio Manager to design ballot layout.
>4.	 Liaison with Voter Registration and Database and Programme Development,
>to determine the packing order and quantity of ballots required for each
>polling station. Then to oversee the packaging of the ballots providing
>quality control and checking quantity.  This will include a requirement to
>travel to the site of the ballot printer.
>5.	 Liaisons with Out-of-Country Voting, to ensure that the by-mail voter
>needs are met.  Also to oversee the packing and distribution (mailing) of the
>by mail ballots. 
>6.	 Monitor and maintain records of any redistribution of ballots in the
>7.	 Once the ballot production is complete, and ballots have been
>distributed, the incumbent is to work with the Design Studio Manager on:
>*	The packaging and distribution of accounting forms.
>*	The completion of reporting the count documentation.
>*	The recovery and initial clearing of returned election materials
>*	The auditing of results from the field.
>8.  Other duties as assigned
>1.	Be extremely well practiced (certificates of competence preferred) in high
>level computer programmes including:
>*	Access or similar database system.
>*	Excel or similar spreadsheet programme.
>*	Corel Draw or equivalent drawing programme.
>2.	Proven ability to work at a management level, independently, on short-term
>3.	Have a good knowledge of (preferably experience of) policies and protocols
>of  procurement 
>4.	Have a knowledge and understanding of the electoral process in BiH
>(preferably with BiH election experience).
>5.	A proven track record in problem solving within time line dependant
>6.	Have a proven ability and extensive knowledge of Logistical Systems and
>7.	Previous experience working in an International Organization (preferably
>within BiH).  
>8.	Valid driving license and experience driving 4 x 4 vehicles and/or small
>commercial vehicles (vans).
>Strongly Preferred:
>*	Previous Elections Experience other than BiH.
>*	Basic knowledge of  Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian.
>Lejla Kapo
>National Personnel Officer
>OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
>Jana Mayer
>Executive Assistant to DG Elections
>OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
>phone:  +387 71 292 215 
>fax:     +387 71 442 479

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