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Syndicate: Materials Manager Vacancy Sarajevo / OSCE

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>From:	Lejla Kapo 
>Sent:	06 September, 1999 11:50
>To:	All Admin. Officers; All Ops Officers; All RC/FO; All Sarajevo
>Subject:	InternationalVacancyNotice#71/99
>The following position is available. Please apply to Personnel Sarajevo
>International Vacancy Notice No.71/99
>The encumbering of an international position is subject to the seconding of
>appropriately qualified personnel from member States.  Any change of a
>seconded position must also be approved by the seconding nation. Applications
>and up-to-date CV's should be sent to Personnel, Sarajevo.
>Post Title:  Materials Manager
>Type of Appointment: Secondment
>Department: Elections
>Location: Sarajevo
>Number Needed: 1
>Start of Contract: ASAP
>Vacancy Notice Issued: 06/09/99
>Deadline for Application: 20/09/99
>Department:  Elections / Election Services / Warehouse
>Brief Description
>The Materials Manager is based predominantly at the Warehouse. S/he is
>responsible for all of the material that is used within the Election Process.
>This covers: the receipt, inventory control and management, and the issue of
>all Elections Material.  S/he is the authorized signatory for all elections
>material.  Working in close partnership with the Warehouse Manager, s/he will
>ensure that all material requirements are met in a timely manner. In
>addition, the Materials Manager will be required to provide on the job
>training, to a recognized standard, for current Warehouse staff.
>Tasks and Responsibilities
>1.	Responsible for all materials with the Elections warehouse, ensuring that
>accurate inventory controls are maintained at all times.
>2.	Responsible for advising the warehouse manager on all technical and policy
>issues that are related to the handling and management of election materials,
>forms, and commodities and the running of the warehouse.
>3.	Directly supervise the work of two technical clerks.
>*	Ensure all vouchers are correctly completed.
>*	Ensure that all vouchers are correctly filed.
>*	Ensure that timely data entry is completed to maintain necessary inventory
>4.	Liaison with other departments to prepare for tasks.
>*	Expected arrival of goods for receipt.
>*	Expected arrival of vehicles for distribution.
>*	Distribution break down lists to as many as 3500 locations.
>5.	Responsible for training the current warehouse staff in warehouse policy
>and procedure in order to give them the opportunity for advancement within
>the organization.
>6.	Ensure that receipt and issue tasks are received from HO in a timely
>manner. Assist the Warehouse Manager with the production of picking and
>packing lists.
>7.  Prepare regular and timely stock and progress reports.
>8.	Responsible for broad oversight of the vehicles assigned to Election
>Services, in cooperation with the Warehouse Manager.
>*	10 to 15 years experience with a minimum of 5 years in a management
>*	Experience with working on an hour by hour basic with national staff is
>*	Experience of working with and around heavy vehicles and forklift trucks is
>*	Fluent in written and spoken English. 
>*	Prior experience with VHF radio voice procedure.
>*	Must be willing to accept challenging working conditions and limited
>*	Ability and willingness to work with people of different cultural and
>religious backgrounds and diverse political views while maintaining
>impartiality and objectivity. 
>*	Experience and ability to work under pressure and within limited
>*	Computer skills to include Windows 95, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, with
>an emphasis on spreadsheet design and use as well as relational database
>design and use.  Due to the strong possibility that limited technical support
>will be available during peak work periods, the Materials Manager will
>preferably be comfortable performing basic PC and network troubleshooting
>with assistance over a telephone.
>*	Must be in possession of a current, clean driver's license and be able to
>use a manual transmission, four-wheel drive vehicle in remote areas.
>*	Previous experience working with International Organizations or Non
>Governmental Organizations (for example: OSCE, UN, UNHCR, MSF, and Care) and
>a familiarity with their working practices.  
>*	Demonstrated skills teaching/training within the Materials/Warehouse field,
>preferably in a recognized logistical teaching/training establishment.
>*	Health and Safety at work experience.
>*	Work in a project related, time line critical environment will prove
>*	Experience in the Former Yugoslavia, and a basic knowledge of
>Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian would be valuable.
>We regret that not everyone will be called for an interview
Jana Mayer
Executive Assistant to DG Elections
OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
phone:  +387 71 292 215 
fax:     +387 71 442 479

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