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Re: Syndicate: B92 - VOICE OF SORO

Jirka Jiracek writes:

> Strange kind of paranoia.


>  Do you have some concrete examples 
> of countries and type and name of concrete media controlled by "Open
> Society Funds and Foundations"? Do you or did you live in one of
> those countries during last few  years?  I am affraid you really do
> not know the situation and this ridiculous statement sounds like a
> real bullshit for people living in central and eastern Europe.

I mean, really! Could we please have a HTV (well, that's
Croatian television) that responds to the imperatives of the Open
Society Fund? How about a TV Serbia that -- now here's a science
fiction scenario -- takes its marching orders from the Fund? Or even,
fer chrisssake, good old TV Slovenia?

I guess I wouldn't smell that shit on my shoes.

Michael Benson  <michael.benson@pristop.si>
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