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Syndicate: WG: Open Positions: Professor of Interactive Environments, Profes sor of Design for Digital

> University of Portsmouth
> Merz Akademie Stuttgart
> Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
> European Professor of Interactive Environments in partnership with the
> Merz Akademie, Stuttgart
> European Professor of Design for Digital Cultures in partnership with
> the Hogeschool voor den Kunsten, Utrecht
> The School of Art, Design and Media of the University of Portsmouth,
> in conjunction with key partners in Europe wishes to make two
> Professor Appointments to lead their joint research and postgraduate
> programme in digital cultures.
> Each successful candidate will be a leading authority with an
> established research portfolio and programmatic interests in the field
> of digital cultures. Expertise relating to design and operation of
> multi-user interactive environments, whether for enquiry, exploration,
> exchange, critical discourse or creative work, would be particularly
> valuable.
> The salary of each Professorship will reflect the experience of the
> successful candidate and the responsibilities of a leading European
> role, but will not be less than бё36k.
> http://www.merz-akademie.de/sitemap/stellen.html
> Please send your complete application until
> September 23rd, 1999 to:
> Mr. J. Boam
> Head of Personnel Services
> University of Portsmouth
> Personnel Office
> University House
> Winston Churchill Avenue
> Portsmouth Hants
> PO1 2UP
> England

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