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Re: Syndicate: B92 - VOICE OF SORO

Radio B-92 was under total(itarian) financial control of the Soros, USAID, Medianhilfe,+++ group. Almost all the foundations that funded it were those of western governments and buisinesses. I found it's editor, Veran Matic to be a most disguisting person. However, it was a radio where sexism, racism, anti-semitism, Serb-nazism (nationalism, patriotism...) wasn't allowed. It also didn't tolerate criticism of the western social system, especially U$A and Fortress Europe, their government policies, or, especially Geroge Soros and things that are funded by him. 
Except Radio Index (banned in 1998., also funded by Soros), B-92 was the only place in Belgrade where you could do a good radio show, that opposes government policies and "opposition leaders" and still get it published. It also supported anti-war sentiment, human rights...
I gotta run, mail you later.

>As you can imagine from this information, B92 is NOT a radical left-wing
>revolutionary progressive radio station, although an extraordinary
>number of people do believe this myth. B92 was the Serbian radio of the
>Soros Foundation, which through its Open Society Funds and Foundations
>controls a surprisingly large sector of the media in some eastern
>European countries.
>(The Soros Foundation got in first, and had the most money).
>B92 was therefore never an 'independent' radio. Its function was to
>promote  the values of a liberal-democratic free-market society in
>Serbia and Montenegro, and specifically the classic-liberalism of George
>Soros. It continued to do this even during the air war on Serbia, when
>for a time it broadcast from aircraft on the Serbian border (obviously
>with at least the military approval of the NATO which controlled the
>airspace), and also from Austria on Austrian government transmitters.
>Both of these projects were apparently abandoned: perhaps because they
>were making the station an easy target for pro-Milosevic propagandists.
>In any case, in the present uncertain climate, the station and its
>financiers are ready to try again

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