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Re: Syndicate: No, *i* wanna be #13

> listened to the thin metal shell surrounding
> them tick and creak, as internal air-pressure worked against tin and
> external sunlight?

of course it's absolutely not true, it's in fact these actors were on
drugs and farted so much in their can in their studio near london they
could really died if not english. it's ballard who showed the definitive
proof in a story i forgot the tittle where he relates that a tramp who has
forgotten his own name ('something-strong' yes) asserts he was the one
who walk on the moon, it works a bit for trying to pick up the uglier
girls, but of course all the owners of the bars knows it was just a failed
actor, and even if a man really walk on the moon, nobody doesn't care
anymore, it was just for mocking commies, and now we don't give a fuck
neither to fucking commies nor fucking walkers on the moon, without the
commies why promise the moon to customers ? yes ballard don't tell exactly
that but i tell just what he thinks : the moon is a part of the american
dream stollen from the bottle of vodka of a poor russian actor and it's
disgusting to remove the neck of a bottle from the month of anybody isn't
it ?

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