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Syndicate: Digital Creativity Symposium, London Jan 2000

To whomever it may concern

Re: Digital Creativity Symposium

I am writing to you as I presume that you have many contacts which
may be interested in the above Greenwich 2000 International
Symposium 13-15 January 2000. The deadline for the call for
papers is now the 12 July and includes calls for papers such as
'Anticipation and creativity using computer teechnology', 'creative
process in design', 'Computers and the urban environment', ' and
'Algorithmic design.'

If you have any questions then please mail or visit the web-site

I hope that this is of interest to you



Simon BIrd  BA(hons) B.Arch

The Manchester School of Architecture
(research MA and p/t tutor)
The University of Greenwich School of Architecture and Landscape
(p/t studio design tutor

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