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Syndicate: Private Views

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Dunaujvaros, Hungary presents
'Private Views: Space re/cognised in contemporary art from Estonia and
Britain' curated by Pam Skelton and Mare Tralla. Opening will take place
on 9th of July 1999 at 18.00.
The exhibition 'Private Views' was originally made for the Estonian Art
Museum in June, 1998. The project has been presented in Finland,
Yugoslavia, Netherlands and United Kingdom.
'Private Views' presents new works in photography, video, film,
installation and digital art from Estonia and Britain. Artists from the
diverse socio-cultural environments of Eastern and Western Europe
explore and re/cognise space within the transformed geography. In this
exhibition SPACE is reclaimed and occupied in provocatively different
ways through personal stories, desires, histories and fantasies.

Through their work each artist challenges the way women have been
traditionally associated with space by providing the possibilities for a
critical re-appraisal of artistic practice in relation to gender across
cultural spaces. The show also considers a commentary on the disparate
and possibly antagonistic meanings of space in the fast transforming
landscape of European culture where technology promises new
configurations of private and public spaces while exploring the multiple
meanings in the consciousness of women artists from different cultures.

Private Views explodes the conventional myths which shapes the dominate
ideologies of East and West Europe by disrupting those myths and
ideologies which are present in both

Private Views creates spaces for exciting dialogues in which the
deconstruction of space is seen as the adventure of its reconstruction.

ARTISTS: Susan Brind, Naomi Dines, Group F.F.F.F, Marit Folstad, Anu
Juurak, Eve Kiiler, Mari Koort, KIWA, Ene-Liis Semper, Pam Skelton,
S.Girls, Mare Tralla, Annika Tonts, Sonja Zelic.

The exhibition is accompanied with website:
http://www.yourserver.co.uk/vr/private/views.html and forthcoming book.

Contact: Pam Skelton or Mare Tralla
e-mail: PamSkelton@compuserve.com or mare@easynet.co.uk

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