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Syndicate: Re: Bambi theme park in FRY

Inke Arns wrote:
> The son of Milosevic has just finished construction of a 150 acre
> theme park (amusement park) outside of Belgrade. It opened for
> business this week (July 1999). He has named this park "Bambi". It
> was not clear if there was any particular connection to Walt Disney.
> -------------------
> Does anybody know about this? I'd be interested in getting more
> information..



Not directly, Inke, but interesting coincidences abound:

1) In the early 80's Krak Pot, Pol Pot's son, allegedly started, and
came close to completing, a kind of ambitious "theme" jungle
playground modeled loosely after Tarzan's adventures. Krak reasoned
that "the children of Cambodia have had a hard time recently, and
deserve some entertainment and relaxation." The problem was children
were hard to come by in the Cambodian jungle at that time, or anywhere
else in Cambodia for that matter, as were their parents. When he
actually located some and had hundreds of them brought forcibly to his
Tarzan playground (from a nearby "labor" camp), they refused to play
and instead stood in miserable groups at the peripheries of the jungle
clearing, weeping. The playground has since vanished back into the
jungle from whence it came, and as for Krak, he hasn't been heard from
in many years.

2) Rudolph Hitler. Adolph and Eva Braun's illegitimate son 
(illegitimate because they didn't actually get married until that
fatal, romantic evening in the bomb-rocked Fuhrerbunker -- and by
then, it was too late to consider more children) currently lives out
his retirement in Dusseldorf after a lucrative career as a trial
lawyer specializing in human rights cases. Rudolph is allegedly
whiling away his declining years investing in various potentially
lucrative ventures associated with the global amusement and
leisure-time  industry. Apart from being a major backer of
Schwartzenegger films, one of Rudolph's projects has been Gardaland,
the north-Italian amusement park which strikes some as a kind of
lower-budget Disneyland rip-off. Rudolph's return on this investment
is said to be huge -- though he wouldn't comment on these or any other
allegations when reached by phone recently, and refused to discuss his

3) Chembom Hussein, Saddam's 12th son, is currently about to graduate
from a prestigious architectural academy in Milan. According to
anonymous sources in the academy, Chembom's graduate thesis design
project is an elaborate desert theme park with multiple illusory
mirages (i.e., constructed illusions) and a similarly tenuous, but no
less astounding, camel race-track. The latter comes with complete with
"Lawrence of Arabia" stands capable of  holding close to 800,000
people in the broiling heat of the barren, oil-rich terrain near the
Iraqi border with Kuwait. When confronted by his professors -- who
were not entirely pleased that Chembom's plans didn't actually involve
*constructing* anything, but rather in projecting the *illusion of
solidity* on the wavering superheated desert air and sand (although
the budget for the park, to be paid entirely by the Iraqi state
budget, allegedly runs into the "hundreds of millions" of US dollars)
-- the irritated student threatened to "blow their native villages
into a thousand pieces" and then left on the next flight to Amman that

Why Amman? Because it's impossible to fly into Baghdad; everyone going
to the Iraqi capital first has to go through Amman, then drive through
the desert for 24 hours.

4) Guslev Stalin, Josef's son, was a major driving force behind 
the current plans to turn the immense, flash-frozen network of slave
labor camps on the barren Sakhalen Peninsula into what a recent press
release describes as a "complete and total Siberian experience." The
release promises that visitors to "Gulag Land" will be permitted to
sleep in ragged clothes on boards in subzero, barely heated shacks,
mine coal with dangerous 1930's-era equipment for 14 hours at a
stretch, and will be fed the specific type of thin soup
indistinguishable from greasy hot water that inmates in Josef Stalin's
famed archipelago ate, once a day. Reached by e-mail in Moscow, Guslev
confirmed that he had had the idea when he read about how western
visitors to Russia can currently buy flights in the hottest Mig and
Sukhoi fighter jets. "Maybe the same principle would apply to other
aspects of the Soviet reality we all knew and loved", Guslev
conjectured, confirming that Gulag Land is booked solid with visitors
until "at least 2008, most of them from Southern California, oddly

5) No hard information could be discovered on Septembro Pinochet, but
it's said that he "couldn't care less about amusement parks" and
simply "wants to be left alone."

cheers, regards,

Michael Benson  <michael.benson@pristop.si>
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