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Re: Syndicate: Bambipark

Marko Milosevic wasn't in any hiding. He generaly hides or is hidden from media, accept when he is attending or opening something. I recieved an email that he was seen in Greece, by some journalists, driving one of his fathers yachts. I can't remeber, but I think the mail came from ex-yu-a-lista (mailing list for anarchists from ex-yugoslavia) His father also owns many villas in Greece. Something the UN and NATO didn't find fit to disturb. 


>From Yesterday's Guardian (UK)
>The son of Slobodan Milosevic surfaced from
>months of hiding last night to unveil the latest
>venture in the family's business empire:
>Speculation that Marko Milosevic had fled abroad
>ended when he opened Serbia's first recreational
>theme park.
>The Yugoslav president's son spent the past six
>weeks hammering and painting to ensure that the
>site would be ready for children needing to
>recover from Nato's bombing, workers claimed.
>>State-controlled television channels were invited
>to film local children gazing at the newly laid
>grass and the 30cm fences around the attractions.
>Marko Milosevic's privately owned
>import-export company, Madona, built the park
>with the state-owned biscuit-making company,

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