Zvonimir Bakotin on Sat, 3 Jul 1999 00:37:41 +0100 (GMT+0100)

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Re: Syndicate: novi sad says NO !

> tonight`s rally was a complete success. according to journalists some 10
> - 12 000 people was at main city sqare, what is the biggest ever rally
> in novi sad (except new years eve). beside nenad canak and mile isakov
> whose names were (represenatives of coalition vojvodina), several
> members of executive board, president of executive board of city
> goverment spoke, as well as guests from kragujevac (koalition
> "sumadija") and belgrade (social democratic union).
> two spokesman greeted the audience in hungarian, and reaction was very
> very emotional and warm. opposite to that, unsatisfied citizens reacted
> extremely loud each time milosevic`s name was mentioned.they showed
> their frustration about milosevic`s regime, who brought this country to
> it`s limits - human, moral and exsistential. 
> novi sad felt smell of freedom tonight. novi sad said NO! no to
> atrocities, no to dictatorship, no to discrimination.
> br

Interesting, another coincidence in SM's walk of power. Beside his
historical speech at Kosovo polje (Blackbirdfield), ten years ago in
this time second most famous action of unrealized but ambitious young
dictator in those days was Yoghurt Revolution in Novi Sad (if my memory   
is still acurate?), Yoghurt Revolution was practicaly shooting down of  
autonomy of Vojvodina (northen province of Serbia and NS was/is capital 
in framework of Tito's Yugoslavia, bit contrary to ex.yu constitutional
law, but he (SM) just did it as prelude in his ten years of *omnipower*.
Hope that with breeze of freedom in NS tonight, wind of change, freedom
and peace will increase and roll downside on and on, and blast tyrany and
these who are in charge of it. Vojvodina is traditionaly multicultural
open comunity with great relaxed people and cool lifestyle, can stand as
primer for Balkans region on topic how to life in peace and tolerance 
regardless ehnical religious and other *holly* nationalistic issues. 
Hope that dark loop will reach it's end and we'll see light there.

Wishing all of you very best, and smoothest possible transition.
But beware, dont be naive, game is not over. Bloody dictator and his 
clique is still in power and as we saw recently he has no shympaty/mercy
to *his* people, country whatsoever his power is his main obsession,
and i belive that man is able push civil war there since his policy 
has weird benchmarks - worst is better, war is peace and hate is love.

take care

Let the power be with all of you!

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