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Re: Syndicate: novi sad says NO !

Zvonimir Bakotin wrote:

> Interesting, another coincidence in SM's walk of power. Beside his
> historical speech at Kosovo polje (Blackbirdfield), ten years ago in
> this time second most famous action of unrealized but ambitious young
> dictator in those days was Yoghurt Revolution in Novi Sad (if my memory
> is still acurate?), Yoghurt Revolution was practicaly shooting down of
> autonomy of Vojvodina (northen province of Serbia and NS was/is capital
> in framework of Tito's Yugoslavia, bit contrary to ex.yu constitutional
> law, but he (SM) just did it as prelude in his ten years of *omnipower*.
> Hope that with breeze of freedom in NS tonight, wind of change, freedom
> and peace will increase and roll downside on and on, and blast tyrany and
> these who are in charge of it. Vojvodina is traditionaly multicultural
> open comunity with great relaxed people and cool lifestyle, can stand as
> primer for Balkans region on topic how to life in peace and tolerance
> regardless ehnical religious and other *holly* nationalistic issues.
> Hope that dark loop will reach it's end and we'll see light there.
> Wishing all of you very best, and smoothest possible transition.
> But beware, dont be naive, game is not over.

game is just on it`s real beginning. everyone is aware of it. one of
(which was less known in wider society) is bloody scenario for vojvodina
93/94. seselj`s "groups of activists" almost ethnicaly cleaned one
used to be called hrtkovci, from it`s citizens-mainly of croat origin.
just a
few dared to raise their voices- right here, in vojvodina. whoever dared
say anything after "yoghurt revolution" was labeled by "autonomash /
authonomy man". believe me, meaning of such a label was same as
"separatist=enemy,traitor". not just a few people lost their jobs
because of beeing "autonomous", and i do not speak about polititians
which then were on power, but about ordinary people. 

if one reads carefully trough programs of biggest "oposition"
parties, there will be no track for real economical and cultural
authonomy for
vojvodina. just recently, when movement became not just stronger, but
so called opositional parties added some funny and fake sentences about
vojvodina. but, all of it`s rhetoric just shows the right idea: we shall
promise you your authonomy, but we shall rule as we want. it means, all
money will go to central bank, school programmes will be dictated from
center, economical and cultural development of region will be planned
from one
center and so on. and such a "center" have no idea how it looks living
multinational community, what realy means "right to be different", what
is a
feeling being born and living in cities where in circle of 1 km one can
churches of six-seven confessions and nationalities. that`s why all
programmes are fake. they do not understand we do care about national
of our neighbours, but not because we fear of them, but because they
make us
reacher by giving us an insight in different and interesting culture.
religion and nationality is private thing, not just a platform for
events. even while i`m writing now, i imagine faces of people who used
to be
my friends-oh, she is a traitor too, i knew it ....
i have to admit: i am not a member of any political party and do not
plan to
be. my symphaty for cultural and economical authonomy are comming from
fact that i do not wish to loose those who i love, my friends of
nationalities. there were allways here for me, not because of political
economical interest, but because of fact that we are all humans, with a
to like or dislike someone, just as human, not just as nationality.

the rest of the country stayed silent. was it too dangerous, was it too
from rest of serbia??? are serbian citizens ready to demonstrate and
their voices just when rights of serbian population are violated? i
hope, i hope so much we all want future; future which is eqaly good for

last few days, many of my friends from abroad mailed, and all of them
with a
same message: be carefull, do not let be arrested! but, what means being
arrested in country which is just another big jale; if one can not speak
for her/his own rights, it is a same as being imprisoned already.

> Bloody dictator and his
> clique is still in power and as we saw recently he has no shympaty/mercy
> to *his* people, country whatsoever his power is his main obsession,
> and i belive that man is able push civil war there since his policy
> has weird benchmarks - worst is better, war is peace and hate is love.

yes, "he" and "they" are still in power. but people, personalities have
choose each for her/himself alone: to stay imprisoned for the rest of
the life or
to try to break the wall down. i have choosed for myself and it is my
individual right, i have to try to make living better for me, for my
kid, for
my friends. it is not instruction for behave, it is not a party slogan,
it is
just my personal view about the life in general.

i wish to believe the time has come for people to think individualy,
responsibility for all the conseqences which might come out of such a

> take care

we shall. their "care" in vojvodina and the whole country for over a
was a complete catastrophy.

> z


> Let the power be with all of you!

thanks. we shall need it. the strugle just started. there is a winter
still to come...........
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