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Syndicate: novi sad says NO !

tonight`s rally was a complete success. according to journalists some 10
- 12 000 people was at main city sqare, what is the biggest ever rally
in novi sad (except new years eve). beside nenad canak and mile isakov
whose names were (represenatives of coalition vojvodina), several
members of executive board, president of executive board of city
goverment spoke, as well as guests from kragujevac (koalition
"sumadija") and belgrade (social democratic union).
two spokesman greeted the audience in hungarian, and reaction was very
very emotional and warm. opposite to that, unsatisfied citizens reacted
extremely loud each time milosevic`s name was mentioned.they showed
their frustration about milosevic`s regime, who brought this country to
it`s limits - human, moral and exsistential. 

novi sad felt smell of freedom tonight. novi sad said NO! no to
atrocities, no to dictatorship, no to discrimination.

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