james stauffer on Sun, 20 Jun 1999 21:06:59 +0000

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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

> Its ironic that same SPC what backed up his glorious wars is against him, at
> least Kosovo is lost in their perception, and he needs to be punished, but
> as we know SM does not care for his opponents, and its unlike that dictator
> will left presidency in peace, other part of story is mafia around his
> goverment which controls country, will they like prospect that goodfather
> leaves, im not sureand there is risk of civil war, however suprises are
> possible in his case but by default non pleasent suprises, thats makes
> image quite obscure.

it is a really muddy situation to try to forecast.  i wonder if the mafias would prefer
to have a chance at getting their hands on western aid money, which would mean goodbye

eventually he has to go.  the question is how soon people recover from the inevitable
rally around the leader when under attack.  My girlfriend was noticing how much more
nationalistic her mother has become during the war.  The in country oppostion feels
really disenfranchised at the moment, as I hear it.