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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

Mr. Benson is simplifying things on Kosovo situation and the reasons of
splitting of the former Yugoslavia. He is using the well known western,
CNN propagandist "arguments" which in fact have induced these situations
and wars. 
We are talking about moral responsibilities, and in case of Kosovo it
is ridiculous to talk about Milosevic's responsibility for it, because
the Kosovo problem exists for 50, or if you like even for 500 years,
and not since Milosevic came to rule ten years ago. Kosovo was the first
Serbia, where Serbian state exists since 13th century. Also if you like
just before the WW2 Serbs made 60% of population in Kosovo and now they
make only 10%. So who is making the ethnical cleansing? Albanians of
course, for last 50 years, supported by West.
With Tito's help after the WW2 300.000 Albanians moved into Yugoslavian
province of Kosovo and got Serbs' land and houses, and Serbs expelled by
Nazis were not let by Tito to return to Kosovo. Tito (who was Croat)
continued for next 40 years to favourise Albanians in Kosovo, where they
were always minority (even during the Ottoman empire's occupation of
Serbia during five centuries) and he gave autonomy to Kosovo, like to
Vojvodina where about 20% of Hungarians are living. He simply cut the
Serbian population into eight republics and autonomous provinces in
order to rule them better. Serbs made a half of Yugoslavian population
(about 10.000.000) so they were too strong if they were united. They had
to be dispersed is as many administrative parts (republics) as possible
(for example, Vukovar never belonged to Croatia before Tito, it was part
of Serbia with majority of Serbian population).
Even Montenegrins and Muslims have became nationalities under Tito,
just in order to separate Serbs inside Yugoslavia. That was all Tito's
legacy which brought today's consequences.
Even in last 10 years Kosovo Albanians had the same rights as other 24
national minorities in Serbia, but they didn't want to use them, they
were not satisfied, because they wanted separate republic and didn't
recognize Serbia as their homeland. This separatism was induced in
Albania and supported by western countries (this was your moral
responsibility), and forming of the separatist and terrorist KLA (UCK)
was clearly helped by USA, Germany, Switzerland... where money and
weapons for that movement were legally collected and sent to Kosovo, and
also where training camps for terrorists were organized.
Defending Kosovo from separatists is clearly a moral duty to every Serb,
not only Milosevic, same as fighting against separatists is taking place
in Ireland, Basques, Corsica, in Turkey etc. It is clear to every Serb
that their roots are in Kosovo, their 1.500 monasteries and churches,
their cultural tradition. So that is not a question of moral
responsibility to any Serb if Kosovo has to be defended from KLA and
their NATO air forces. And we showed it during the 78 days of NATO
attack that we will defend it infinitely till the last Serb. But
fortunately the peaceful solution was find for ending of war.
I will be very simple: Serbs are, besides Jews, the greatest victims of
the 20th century. They fought on righteous sides in the WW1 and WW2, and
now they are fighting against new Nazis - the NATO. In last wars they
have lost two thirds of their population, but they were fighting always
on the right side.
Serbs are in the NATO's way to conquer Balkans, so NATO invented
Yugoslavian crisis to destroy former Yugoslavia where Serbs made
majority of the population. NATO countries gave arms to Slovenians,
Croats, Muslims etc, same as to KLA later, to separate from Serbia,
otherwise those administrative parts of former Yugoslavia would never
even dream of forced separation. Serbs, who were part of population of
those republics didn't want the separation from Serbia, and that caused
wars in all those republics, not the Yugoslavian Army. And there was no
"occupation" by Yugoslavian Army, because that army already was
everywhere in Yugoslavia to which it belonged.
But those Serbs at the end had to move from those republics (300.000
from Croatia only) and nobody calls that ethnic cleansing. 
Now that NATO separated (occupied) all those parts, it wanted Serbia and
Montenegro too. It is working hard on it, but it was difficult to get
Kosovo. Now United nations (with Russians) are controlling it, not only
NATO countries. We want all Kosovo ethnic Albanians refugees back, but
not people who never lived in Kosovo, and not the KLA terrorists whose
place is in prisons. We want to live with Albanians, but with loyal
citizens of Serbia and Yugoslavia, as other 24 nationalities are loyal
to our state. I hope we will never let NATO to make another Yugoslavian
war (even it is planed for Vojvodina, Montenegro, Sandzak). I hope the
world became aware enough what kind of brutal and selfish force NATO is,
and that China, India and Russia with some other allies, will form
another powerful block to prevent NATO of spreading on territories of
independent and sovereign countries anymore.
Here I exposed my own views on the situation in Yugoslavia where I am
living for last 47 years, and I hope you give me right to do that. If
somebody does not agree with me, please answer in polite and decent way,
the same as I exposed my opinion. I think only this kind of dialogue has
sense. Especially now when problems in Kosovo, as it seams, have been
solved for a longer period, and we are looking for better, peaceful
times of more artistic and cultural collaboration and exchange between
us. What has happened is behind us, let's look ahead. Let the
politicians do the political part of the job, so that we could
concentrate more on culture (even though cultural exchange has,
sometimes, unfortunately, much to do with politics too).

Andrej Tisma

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