james stauffer on Sun, 20 Jun 1999 19:14:52 +0000

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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

Zvonimir Bakotin wrote:

> James
> Sorry, newbie etc are not list but Balkan related, inside is related to
> ex Yugoslavia or area affected by Holly Wars. Personally i dont see Michael
> views as *anti-Serb* but strongly anti regime/Milosevic, at least he has
> overview
> of situation there with understanding of backgrounds, that makes him
> *insider*,


all the Serbs (and I have lovers and friends in Belgrade, and family connections
to the ex Yugoslavia that go back around 30 years) are anti Milosevic.  Michael
sees the whole country as culpable.  Serbs are never victims in his view, they
should all be beating their breasts and covering themselves with ashes.  Tito was
a saint, as I would gather are Clinton, Albright and Tony Blair in the Benson
world view.

> Dont think that anybody can relax, at least not while Milosevic and his
> regime
> are in power there, civil war may be next. We saw in past three months great
> care of for ordinary citizens of Serbia by mister president, and that may
> make
> you unrest, since he is not kind of guy who'll resign, he may go but in
> some new
> flooding of blood.

we agree there.  i see no sign of Sm quietly sliding off into oblivion.  The best
sign I have seen is the opposition of the Serbian church, but I suspect that they
are angry with him (with some justification) for being such an incompetent
nationalist, leading an ever shrinking country.