Zvonimir Bakotin on Sun, 20 Jun 1999 23:47:54 +0100 (GMT+0100)

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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

>>But on second thought, I don't really believe it. I'm curious what 
>>people might think, though. Why are there so few Bosniaks on 
>>syndicate and nettime? Is it because they don't really have any 
>>enthusiasm left to communicate with a Europe, or a world, that let 
>>them down? Or am I wrong -- are there a lot on Syndicate? 

>there are 4 .ba addresses subscribed to the Syndicate -- and perhaps more
>disguised as .orgs, .nets, .coms .  I don't know...

There are Bosniaks on Syndicate and Nettime as i konw and i have meet some
of them. Their *wall of silence* on the lists is however significant, IMHO
after years of raping of Bosnia, daily strrugle for life between snipers,
missles, mines, destroying of cities and communities etc, seems that they 
are not much interested in great concepts as *shared responsibility*, 
two4war etc...

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