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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

zone@basis.Desk.nl (Sun 06/20/99 at 11:47 PM +0100):

> There are Bosniaks on Syndicate and Nettime as i konw and i have meet some
> of them. Their *wall of silence* on the lists is however significant, IMHO
> after years of raping of Bosnia, daily strrugle for life between snipers,
> missles, mines, destroying of cities and communities etc, seems that they 
> are not much interested in great concepts as *shared responsibility*, 
> two4war etc...

'the lurkers are always neutral,' goes the saying.

they may not feel or think neutrally at all, but i think it's
less than cautious to fill that silence with noise of any par-
ticular kind, particularly when doing so involves imposing a
sort of permanent war on them. for all anyone knows, they're
madly in love and can't tear themselves away from their beds.
you'll pardon me for saying that i hope so.

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