Marion von Osten on Sat, 5 Jun 1999 10:47:07 +0200

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Syndicate: Zurich, Anti-war projects k3000 and Rote Fabrik

Dear friends,

we like to inform you that we are organizing some activities against the
Nato-bombing in Zurich. First we started to establish an infocafe and
workshop in the k3000 medialaboratory which will start with a first meeting
with kosova-alabinian and serbian democratic jounalists who are placed in
Switzerland on the 17th to the 19th of June, togehter with producers from
Radio RaBe (Bern) and Radia LoRa (Zurich). The workshop does have the aim
to give access and help in communication tools and will establish a
website,  but also to discuss the notion of information itself, esspacially
during the wartime.

Second a platform of leftist groups started to organize a conference in the
Rote Fabrik against the war in Kosova which will take place on the 2nd to
the 4th of July. (You will get more information about this event by Alain
Kessi the next days) For this event I was asked to collect Videos of
producers out of the Ex-Yugoslavian region to develop a program for this
weekend. We already have some videos, which we can show out of the
MoneyNations context, but I remember that there were already screenings
about new productions, like some people who were reporting in the region

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for videoproductions
concerning the issues like anti-war activities, beyond ethnicity, open the
borders actions a.s.o... There might be a little money for copies from the
Conceptburo of Rote Fabrik Zurich.

Yours Marion

P.S. we cannont come to the Syndicate meeting in Venice, because we will be
in Plasyat the Pantograph Workshop in the meantime. But Good Luck to all of
you. We will be in Venice in the week from the 16th of July to the 25th.-

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