Andreas Broeckmann on Fri, 4 Jun 1999 19:03:49 +0100

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Syndicate: meeting in Venice, Oreste, daily16.00

***we first meet on Thursday, 10 June, 16.00 hrs
***at the Oreste location (Italian Pavillion, Giardini)

dear friends,

this is close to impossible to plan. the two busiest days of the year in
venice, everybody has more important things to do, and we want to have a
quiet little syndicate meeting, an island of deep european harmony. forget

the original date (friday, 11am) is off:

11 June - 11 Russian pav. film presentation (mBenson)
11 June - 11 opening Romanian show (subReal)
11 June - 11 opening Austrian show (incl Knowbotic Research)

here, and at other locations, everybody will be running into others all the
time anyway. i suggest the following:

we won't be able to get everybody together anyway. so we should create a
series of opportunities to meet, with a focus on the first one.


***we first meet on Thursday, 10 June, 16.00 hrs
***at the Oreste location (Italian Pavillion, Giardini)

emilio of the oreste team writes:
>Thursday, 10 June (Biennale close around 21.00), two different meetings
>will take place at oreste space. One of the two at 15.00. I think the best
>time for meeting it will be around 17.30
>more info

but as this would mean meeting rather late and close to evening activities,
i suggest we stick with the 16.00 time and, should it really be too
crowded, follow Lorenzo Taiuti's suggestion for the 'greek philosophy
model, just stay in the garden and have a meeting there.'

**on Friday 11 June and Saturday 12 June, we meet informally - same time,
same place: Oreste at 16.00hrs and continue discussions; whether we make
use of Vuk's suggestion of the conference hall in town we will have to
decide on thursday afternoon.

greetings, and i hope this will work,

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