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Syndicate: Fw: VIPER 99 (Festivalinfo)

(Deadline postponed!)CLOSING DATE JUNE 21, 1999* VIPER - the 
International Festival For Film, Video and New Media will take place October 27 
- 31 in the Casino of Lucerne.The 19th edition of VIPER will present 
international, innovative and experimental artistic 
mediaproduction.Please find conditions of entry on the website of VIPER: 
www.viper.chPlease notify: the for entries postponed until June 21! 
* VIPER Forum 99:The development of the computer from a 
calculator to a medium has also changed the everyday life, work, communication, 
culture, and art. VIPER moves with a critical approach at the interfaces of this 
changing process. In the discussion of a partial aspect, VIPER takes up 
fundamental questions of the whole cultural and social system.Theme: 
Cut + CopyVIPER 99 examines the interaction between artistic production 
and the typical working method at the computer. The function 
"copy/paste", for instance, is a computer standard. On the other hand, 
similar procedures have already been developed in different artistic 
disciplines: the collage in painting, the dadaist picture/word montage in 
literature or the cut-up-method. Today's "sampling" has been known in 
music prior to the serial electronic reproduction, and the "montage" 
is a genuine concept in film.Nevertheless, the new digital techniques 
give the subject of copy and reproduction a special status, since the original 
and the copy can no longer be distinguished. Is there still a right of 
authorship? Can the concept of "originality" subsist in the age of 
unlimited technical reproduction? What about copyright? How "real" is 
reality if whole worlds (and identities) may be reproduced and manipulated in 
virtual spaces? How is human knowledge transferred to the machine and vice 
versa? What is the meaning of artistic work in view of such fundamental changes? 
Is this only a new version of the game of deception?The VIPER Forum 99 
examines these and other questions - at an interdisciplinary (public) 
symposium with artists, culture theorists, and scientists- in a series of 
project presentations of new CD ROMS and Internet works- in a film and video 
retrospective to this topic.* INFORMATION- to obtain a fax or 
email copy of the entry form, or for general informationabout VIPER, please 
contact:VIPERP.O.Box 49296002 LucernePhone: ++41 - 41 - 362 
17 17Fax: ++41 - 41 - 362 17 18e-mail: info@viper.chwebsite: 
I P E RInternational Festival for Film, Video and New MediaP.O. Box 
49296002 LucerneTel.: ++41 - (0)41 - 362 17 17Fax: ++41 - (0)41 - 
362 17 18e-mail: