Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:58:47 +0100

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Bring Goodies to Budapest!

dear friends,

a late reminder: please, remember that the budapest meeting is something
like a family gathering & a great euro-promotion opportunity, so don't
forget to bring things like recent catalogues, books, magazines [Ana, can
you bring some recent copies of Arkzin? or at least buy the latest issue
for me?], CDs, videos, slides, photographs, etc. from you and your friends,
to show, to give away, to sell, ...

if you stay at home but have special requests, maybe get in touch with one
of the people below ...


ps: i'll be offline from 16.00 CEST today, and will then only re-emerge
tomorrow evening in budapest.

- Inke Arns (Berlin)
- Zvonimir Bakotin (Zagreb/Hamburg) (?)
- Kit Blake (New York/Rotterdam)
- Arthur Bueno (Rotterdam)
- Andreas Broeckmann (Berlin/Rotterdam)
- Vuk Cosic (Belgrade/Ljubljana) (?)
- Nina Czegledy (Budapest/Toronto)
- Adele Eisenstein (New York/Budapest)
- Micz Flor, Daniel, Vesna (various/Vienna)
- Caius Grozav (Arad/Oradea)
- Honor Harger (Australian transit)
- Oleg Kireev (Moscow)
- Katrin Kivimaa (Tallinn/Budapest)
- Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam)
- Stephen Kovats (Canada/Berlin)
- Diana McCarty (New Mexico/Budapest)
- Vesna Manojlovic (Belgrade/Amsterdam)
- Iliyana Nedkova (Sofia/Liverpool)
- Melentie Pandilovski (Skopje)
- Ana Peraica (Zagreb)
- Miklos Peternak (Budapest)
- Toni Prug (Split/London)
- Florian Schneider (Munich)
- Janos Sugar (Budapest)
- Andrea Szekeres (Budapest)
- Herwig Turk (Vienna)