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Syndicate: lovebytes/UK job opportunities

Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:12:46 +0200
From: "jon.lovebytes" <>

3 new posts at lovebytes

We are looking for three enthusiastic people interested in new media and
digital arts for the following appointments:

1. Multimedia Project Manager
for a series of multimedia commissions combining electronic music, visual
arts with interactive computer programmes.
Full time £18k. ref E1

2. Technical Facilities Manager
to run our new multimedia production facilities in Sheffield, working
mainly with Apple Macintosh systems.
Full time £15k. ref E2

3. Marketing & Adminsitrative Assistant
for general administration of projects, events and facilities.
Half time £12k pro rata. ref E3

Closing date for receipt of applications 5pm 7th May 1999

For further information please send an A4 SAE with the job reference number
Lovebytes, Unit 320, Workstation, Sheffield. S1 2BX

our website is at


Sheffield's Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival has developed an international
reputation for supporting and exhibiting new innovative art using digital
technologies and interactive multimedia. It offers an eclectic mixture of
exhibitions, events and specially commissioned work exploring the creative
and cultural impact of digital media and communications. The festival was
established in 1994 by two media professionals Janet Jennings and Jon
Harrison and is a non-profit making limited company with core funding from
the European Regional Development Fund, The National Lottery and Yorkshire
and Humberside Arts. The Festival is now a biennial event providing an
important platform for both newcomers and established artists involving a
number of venues and organisations in Yorkshire with links to venues around
the UK and Europe.

In the build-up to the next festival in 2000 we are running a programme of
events throughout the year and have established 'Lovebytes Lab'. The Lab
provides facilities for artists and designers working with computers and
offers a wide range of hardware and software for the production of digital
video, audio and multimedia. We aim to provide a friendly, creative
environment, promoting networking, skill sharing and collaborative
projects. We will be offering artist's residencies and training workshops
later in the year. The Lab will also provide a base for a number of
Lovebytes projects including 'Digital Space' - a series of twelve
commissions for artists working with interactive audio and multimedia

More information soon.

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