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Syndicate: (fwd)Courtney: i'm sorry

X-From_: courtneysowen@stemail.UTTYL.EDU Fri Apr 16 22:19:59 1999
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:19:01 EST
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From: "Courtney" <courtneysowen@stemail.UTTYL.EDU>
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Subject: i'm sorry

hello. i went to your website as a result of visiting i guess you
get a lot of business that way. well, from your site i went to the b92
site, which leads me to think that you are in yugoslavia. i'm sorry that my
country is hurting yours. i think it's awful. i guess i'm just a silly
little american girl who thinks she matters...but i know that the people in
washington are going to do what they want to regardless of what the people
here want. anyway i wish you well. 

courtney s. owen


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