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Syndicate: Wam Kat: sunflower update 5

latest news and original SUNFLOWER plan:

Balkan Sunflowers
in albanian "Luledielli"
in macedonian "Suncogled"
c/o postfach 1219, D-14806 Belzig
+ 49 33841 30670  (30671 fax)
Account: SUNFLOWER Accountnr 160 160 1
Bank Oekobank Frankfurt (Germany)
BLZ 500 901 00


I want to keep this update short, most news,
like national contacts, supporting organisations
will be published on our website. If you want to
be removed from this mailings please send me a note.
At this moment the action is continuing in top
speed, everywhere in the world groups, organisations,
people, network are meeting up to realise this initiatives.

As you may see we have a special bankaccount now,
new highspeed telephone lines, with indeed
somebody able to answer them. Our server
will be online on monday. And we have contacts with the
organisations in Albania and Macedonia which are
building up the refugee centers at ths moment,
the contacts are positive, most organisation have positive
memories of the SunCokret action in Croatia, and welcoming
the Balkan Sunflowers again.


It looks that way that the aim to be able to send the
first Sunflower volunteers to work in refugee centers
in Macedonia and Albanian will be reached. In the
coming 3 days we will mail a final application form
to you, if you don't recieve this form, please drop
a short mail.


On our webserver you already can find some translations
in different languages, if you speak another languages
and want to translate the basics in your own languages,
please get in contact. Especially we are looking for
people translating it into Albanian and Macedonian.
We are starting up building better contacts there,
but absolute need a goor translation for the
local authorities and organisations.


On this moment a friend of us in the States is drafting
from all the earlier updates a more readable shorter version.
This version of the plan can be applied from me and can
be used for translations and for fund applications.


In the last days more or less automatically different
online-workinggroups were formed, f.e. a group discussion
the possible structue for the action, a group discussing
possible trainig schemes, a group describing what kind of
things can be done in refugee centers, a group around our
website, a group doing fundraising and finally a small one
preparing the trip of the first pathfinders to Macedonia
and Albania. If you have time, energy and interest to
join one of these working groups please let us know.


This are just two out of many:

Philip Pierce working for UNDP in Tirana:

I think I told you I am working on a place called
Gramsh in central Albania. The first 320 refugees
arrived there a few days ago. I visited them yesterday.

I will provide bunks bed through UNDP, and hygiene
kits through Childrens Aid Direct.

Right now money is the most useful thing, in order
to buy what is needed to cover immediate needs
international NGOs/Agencies can't help with. I can
front cash and collect money later if anyone wants
to make a donation.

There will be longer term needs here, of course,
maybe Sunflower could help with when operational.



Holly Peele in Sarajevo:

I am currently working in the Office of the High
Commissioner for Human Rights in Sarajevo and two
emails roled through my system that you might be
interested in. One was a report saying that
Forma F in Posusje was interested in supporting
refugees from Kosov@ but needed support. Maybe
being in contact with Sunflower would be an option.

(The other one was about the situation of
Kosov@ Albaner in Mostar)

Good luck in your work...

Holly Peele


In Praha a strong group has established around the
Praha center for Peace, they have started their own
national coordination already. One of the many activities
in the last days is planting sunflowerseeds so that they
will be able to sell them in a couple of mounths and raise
a bit of money and attention in the summer that still
refugees are in Albania and Macedonia (and elsewhere).

It is indeed every day more clear that this living
situation wouldn't change soon. The (official) reports
I have got from Kosov@ or rather about Kosov@ shows that
even when the war stops today it will take a long time
before people can return to their (new) houses. Therefor
we try to build up this action not for the next weeks,
but for the months, years to come.


A lot of you who are regular on the net maybe already have
seen it, the list of USA based relief organisations who help
the Kosov@ refugees. It is a very good and detailed list
and since a lot of people who get this update are living in the
state it may help them. If you haven't seen it yet, a small
mail to Katarzyna Wargam,
Mir Sada !!!


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