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Syndicate: Important Web Site!


    This is very important piece of information forwarded from the 
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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 15:38:00 +0200 (CEST)
From: Geert Lovink <>
Subject: Refugee Location Project

>Orig. From: Michael Davon <>
>The online database now contains records for over 6,000 Kosovo
>refugees.  It is fully searchable.
>You can visit the web site for searches and to add information
>at:  http://WWW.Web-Depot.Com/kosovo
>Please SET UP LINKS ON YOUR WEBSITE so that people know to come
>here FOR SEARCHES AND TO ADD DATA for both refugees and their
>relatives in other locations to facilitate the reunification of
>If you have existing data on refugees, please contact me so that
>we can incorporate the data you or your organization has been
>collecting into this database.  We can work with your systems
>people to facilitate the data transfer.
>Through establishing a central repository of data we will be able
>to reunite people very efficiently.
>Sincerely, Michael Davon, President, The Web-Depot, Inc.
>Michael Davon                       617-491-0080 Office
>                                    888-WB-DEPOT Office
>Davon@Web-Depot.Com                 617-491-0066 Fax
>http://WWW.Web-Depot.COM            617-491-0033 Home

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