Stephen Kovats on Thu, 15 Apr 1999 03:11:10 -0400

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Syndicate: RE:UPDATE 14.04., 18.10 - syn-bud 23-25 april

*CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (dates are of arrival and departure;
accommodation&travel info)

- Stephen Kovats (?)

i would leave at about 8am on thursday by car - although stopping in dessau
until about 13.00, and then going on to BP from there...

i would return at about 13.00 on sunday

i can take at least two more people (preferably at least one who can
drive...), and can possibly take care of the accomodation of those coming
with me (i'll know this on the weekend)

the drive, via austria, is 1150 km from berlin, and can be made in 11 - 12
hours if the traffic cooperates. the total cost of the drive shouldn't be
more than 300 DM all together (gas, oil and tolls)


stephen kovats
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