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Dear Friends,

I've just received an URL from Open Channels for Kosovo in Amsterdam, for a
website called FreeSerbia.

In the light of this morning's accidental bombing of refugees 5K from the
Albanian border, this URL may give people interested in the crisis in
Yugoslavia  an insight into some of the other "unintended" targets of NATO

Richard de Boer notes that the site is:
"an initiative of Serbian students who are providing reliable information
about the latest events in  Yugoslavia, and even provide news from the
Serbian NGO's opposing the Milosevic regime."

I've also included below the latest press release from ANEM (independent
media association in FRY).

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you do not wish to receive this

Best wishes

Honor Harger

ANEM Press Release


BELGRADE, April 12, 1999 -- The Association of Independent Electronic
Media in Yugoslavia (ANEM) today expresses deep regret at and strong
condemnation of the murder during the afternoon of April 11 of Slavko
Curuvija, the proprietor and editor-in-chief of the prominent Yugoslav
newspaper "Dnevni telegraf" and the biweekly magazine "Evropljanin".

While the murder of Mr. Curuvija has served to increase already high
levels of fear among the journalistic community in the FRYugoslavia, the
circumstances surrounding Mr. Curuvija's death have also given rise to a
deep sense of alarm among the citizens of Yugoslavia. Moreover, the
demonisation of the independent media, and the grotesque accusations
which are being levied against those who work for independent media, is
tantamount to calling for the public lynching of journalists.

ANEM notes that Mr Curuvija's publications and he as a person have been
the prime target of a state campaign of persecution, which was launched
under the guise of Serbia's draconian October 1998 Information Act.

On October 24 1998, only three days after the Act took effect, Mr
Curuvija and Evropljanin were ordered by a Belgrade court to pay fines
totalling 2,400,000 dinars under the misdemeanour regulations of the

On November 9 and December 9, 1998, Dnevni Telegraf was fined a total of
1,650,000 dinars.  As if the financial ruin of Mr Curuvija were not
enough, he and two colleagues were each given a five-month suspended
prison sentence on March 8, 1999.

Just a couple of days before his murder, Mr Curuvija was referred to by
name in an attack on "national traitors" in the state-controlled
Belgrade daily "Politika ekspres".  This commentary remarked that Mr
Curuvija had "vanished from sight" since the beginning of NATO bombing
and that his "services for the '[NATO] aggressor would never be

To the best of ANEM's knowledge, Mr Curuvija was consistently opposed to
NATO's military intervention in Yugoslavia in all his public appearances
and contacts, and repeatedly warned of the far-reaching and fatal
consequences of such action by NATO. His attitude remained unchanged
once the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began. ANEM emphasises that the
murder of Slavko Curuvija was the murder of a good and loyal citizen of
Serbia and Yugoslavia who used his skills as a journalist to further the
interests of his country and his people.

ANEM demands that the appropriate agencies bring the murderers of Mr
Curuvija to justice as soon as possible and do all in their power to
prevent divisions and confrontations among the people of this country.

The Association of Independent Electronic Media in Yugoslavia (ANEM)

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Help free media in Yugoslavia: http://helpB92.xs4all.nl

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