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Syndicate: Re: Fwd: Belgrade: a feminist report 15 (WARNING)

the message says:
--> -please do not give this info to the press, or when you use any of
-->the facts please do not give the name of the source because it may be
-->dangerous for the author -
above that 2 e-mail-adresses (sources I guess)

PLEASE use an anonymous board like

or use one of the anonymous remailers from the list at

I dont have a pointer to a simple 'how-to'  if somebody can provide it -
in the meantime you're welcome to mail me if you have questions.

Being on a (closed) mailing-list doesn't mean you're not traceable.
It's basic net-knowledge that even (unencrypted) person-to-person e-mail
is the equivalent of a postcard.

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