Zvonimir Bakotin on Sun, 11 Apr 1999 19:35:11 +0100 (GMT+0100)

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Re: Syndicate: this is a tes

Dear All,

> >yes i found this silence scary in way, visually list today reminds me on
> >atmosphere from paintings of Giorgio DeChirico... seems that NoviSad is 
> >down, Belgrade is silent too... :(
> >I can just hope that is just temporary...

> And still, Zvonimir, Karoly, yes, the (real) silence is scary. The problem
> is that the realities we are *all* stuck in are increasingly becoming
> disparate and disconnected realities, and this makes it more and more
> difficult to communicate. The question is: do these increasingly disparate
> realities threaten the Syndicate network with an insurmountable divide? No,
> no, we are still not there. I refuse to believe this.

Me too. All of us are under heavy pressure of propaganda, NATO's or Serbians
Regime, does not make big sense since situation is out of control and beside
high tech / media war we are faced with *side efect* of human catastrophe.
But still i belive that Syndiacte is open place where individuals are 
able to share views and figure out (or do their best) where *truth* is...   

> I think the only way of keeping up communication at the moment is to send
> personal messages of support to individuals.... and to hope that in one way
> or the other communication on the list can be re-established.
Situation in .yu is getting harder by introducing of new draconic law which
gives total power to regime to punish all different/non_regime_aligned/*spys*
citizens, or othervise suspected with long prison sentences (or worst...).
Again keep your communication secure people there are in danger of all kind
of military/paramilitary/police/secret_services, and at least dont belive
blind to anybody, even to us.

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