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Syndicate: Screening on Sunday

please circulate to london-based friends


Screening and chance to discuss the situation in Yugoslavia.

Sunday, 11th April
The Foundry Bar,

This Sunday at the Foundry the Radio Deep Europe team will show
"Ghetto" - a walk through Belgrade with (the late) Cavke, drummer from
one of Belgrade's best known underground bands.  The tape speaks
volumes about the underground scene and political opposition there,
and its contrast to the dominating nationalist media and politics of
Yugosavia.  Produced by B92.

Followed by a chance to voice your questions and air your knowledge
about events in Yugoslavia, Kosovo and surrounding countries.

Later we will screen "The Crime that Changed Serbia" about 
organised crime in Belgrade and "Belgrade Follies" about independent
media in Serbia.  Both also by B92.

All welcome.

5pm, Sunday 11th April
The Foundry bar
Corner of Old Street and Great Eastern Street
London EC1

further information from

The discussion will be recorded for a web report and real audio 
archive, hopefully with a clip from the film. URL to follow.

Radio Deep Europe netcast from 27 March real audio archive at:

Downloadable posters from Matthew Fuller/Mongrel

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