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Syndicate: Yukiko Shikata: "7sea-chickenz" sets sail!

Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 02:05:52 +0900
From: Yukiko Shikata <>
Subject: "7sea-chickenz"sets sail!

"7sea-chickenz"sets sail!

At April 3 meeting in Tokyo for "Help Independent Media in
Serbia and Kosovo++", some 14 people gathered and talked
freely what can be done, now in Japan, located far away from Europe.
This is not so-called "activity" based on any single political
ideology, but a temporary gathering of individuals who share the
same issues with different perspectives.

We named ourselves "7sea-chickenz"; the name came from canned
tuna fish "sea-chicken" sent from Japan for the "rescue foods"
during the Bosnian siege which became popular there. We want to
function as "sea-chicken", tasty and charging energy to the
independent media and people there. We also added the word
"seven seas" as the issue is not only for Serbia and Kosovo, but for
all of us on earth, and by working for peace everywhere.

The followings are what we have fixed at the meeting:

1) Set up the "7sea-chickenz" (closed) Mailing List.
Actually from April 4 (sun), the Mailing List (tentatively under
coolstates-E,, only in Japanese) is working hyper-actively.
Established the 7sea-chickenz web site <> (up and
running soon!). Graphics and bilingual FAQ, etc. currently in production.

2) Start Information Service
Will start a press servce to provide accuratey translated information
about what is going on, and what we (all) can do.
We also hope to be able to provide regular updates to our english
speaking friends about the discussion in Japan.

3) Sending Funds and Goods
One of the member had already set the "Help B92" account with the name of
P3, so that we can send money to "Help B92 and other independent media in
serbia and kosovo" without incurring huge transaction costs for each
doner. We are tentatively using this account for raising funds.
We are also starting to raise the goods ("sea-chicken" and other foods, as
well as various communication tools from otakki Japan,...) for the refugees
in Albania, Macedonia and other places. For this we might contact some of
you to collaborate.

*First public presentation will be on April 6th, first press coverage
will appear in Yomiuri Shimbun (the newspaper with the biggest circulation
in the world outside of China) on April 7. (!) Several other media
excursions in process. First action's web presentation scheduled to appear
soon on HelpB92 in a'dam. We have no hierarchy, no boss, and decide all by
working groups and discussions. Currently collecting ideas about what we
(and everyone else in the world) can DO!!

We would get to know more what is needed, etc., but if anyone has any
suggestions, they are welcome!

(by Yukiko Shikata, Tomohiro Okada and David d'Heilly)

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