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Syndicate: Dmitry Pilikin: From Russia

From: "Dmitry Pilikin" <>
Date: Mon,  5 Apr 99 18:30:25 +0400
Subject: From Russia

Novi Sad - New Garden or New Sad?

Seems most recently, at December 1998 we received a visit at Russia, in
Petersburg our friends from Yugoslavia,which arrived to us within the
of yugoslavian videoart festival "Balkan Answer".
With Alexander and Branka I am introduce by in the Syndicate meeting "Deep
Europe" in Kassel. Exactly there I for the first time has see a program
yugoslavian video, which I am show much important to show in Russia.
On press-conferences in St.Petersburg  Alexander in detail told about
events in Yugoslavia, on appearances of folk against totalitarizm of
Miloshevich. In films was seen that amongst posters and calls glimpsed
(as signs of democracy) american badge and little flags... And here is now...
 I seem that russian folk before present-day events not too much thought on
that, that occurs in Yugoslavia. Too much same problems or russian official TV
-news too have get under the influence SNN, but on events in Iraq we knew much
more exactly therefore, that this event was important for America...
In this mode on news, which will be assign large news agency, Yugoslavia was
on the by-play until has get under the american target.
 If analyze a politic, which at a last time has choose US government, possible
value its as "democratic colonializm". The Big Brother teaches other world
folk how to build a real democracy and with attention and care supervises to
everywhere was an order. Certainly americans by its labor reach many, but why
governments of develop, enlighten superpower country suddenly show such
dullness? I seem that be two reasons: In first, USA this single large state,
which influences to the world policy and herewith has no an own fundamental
history and own fundamental religious idea.  History of this state in world
scales is too short. Americans  always  were proud of  "pioneers" spirit,
this is one of the main american idea.  But today this experience and absence
of histories transforms them in a losers. Problems of national identify, a
realizing "small" and "greater" folks, problems of relation confessions,
problems of a realizing a state and its folk impossible to decide "pioneer"
resolute actions. History of England (Irishman's), Spain(Basques), Turkish
(Curds), Russia (Caucasus) straight shows on this.
In second, this certainly large geopolitical change, which have come of the
disintegration "east" block. With the loss of this block (as  we today have a
bad thought on him ) America has lost an opponent.
Be and one more ask, cynical remark, which voice russian analysts.
EURO too changes accustomed for American financial world card. But Clinton
already simply can not stop a war, as far as in vain expenses on it too much
money of american taxpayers.
Much difficult not to yield to emotions, which fall in all russians. Certainly
in the root of all these emotions particular history attitude of Russia to
Balkans. Russian-turkish wars in which russian soldiers died from the
motherland far off, vow of russian Tsar always to protect brothers, First
War in which weaken by the revolution Russia has enter, to protect serbs...
That NATO started war in Yugoslavia did not pay attention to history of
particular position of Russia, is read as a reminder, who is today strong,
and who weak. And immediately enter to emotions, which force to forget that
Miloshevich and Yugoslavia is not the same, and NATO is not only USA...
For Russia these emotions very dangerous. Today, NATO's  bombs wake up
Russian communists and nationalists.
Folk of Yugoslavia is render by the hostage to situations. Today  democratic
transformations in this country are not possible. Yes, Miloshevich is a
dictator. But how folk will go against its president, which at a moment of
dangers protects a country? (And does this highly successfully). Political
weight and popularity of Miloshevich must in this situations only rise.
But thousand albanians run from Yugoslavia and mess to radio stations B-92
speaks us too much.....
Now 70 percent of daily news in Russia are denote war in Yugoslavia. Basically
this news sent russian agencies  and from yugoslavian Tanug . No any news from
SNN. Corresponders speak that yugoslavian government conducts a censorship
the whole information. Moscow speak that NATO planes to conduct mid air
200 hours and used 500 cruise missiles, which general power is two Hiroshima.

All russian political news pass on the background vote of distrust to
Eltzhin , which is declare by the parliament on 15 Aprils. In this connection
the many policy play their own political cards. Democrats and serious
policies require stop bombing and solve a problem by means of the
Communists require immediately send military forces and will begin a writing
the volunteers. But General Lebed (here is probably powerfully scares a
west as
a possible president of Russia) offers urgently to put (deliver) in Yugoslavia
most up to date russian complexes anti- air force (S-30). 6 Aprils in the
Adriatic Sea will stay 6 russian warships. Analysts speak of the serious
danger new "cool" war. At  Friday consulates USA and Shengen States have
declare closing an issue of visas to the people of Russia.
Belorussian President Lukashenko offers to take Yugoslavia in the war alliance
of Commonwealth of Independent States. But while Russia too economic depends
on the west, so is it here observe same duality on which speaks in its letter
For me personally journey on Balkans in the September of this year ( it was my
first trip to Sofia and Skopje), meeting with the people, their attitude to
me as to the russian person was an important private experience. So that
presently occurs on Balkans I perceive as a tragedy, which has come of my
close relatives. I much wants to hope that this feeble war will be stop and I
will once again be able to see my friends. And idea of russian artistic
in Novi Sad, which we discussed with Alexander, will take place . And I will
manage to see this beautiful city Novi Sad- how spoke Alexander- Balkan

P.S.   I am want  the whole good my friends in Makedonia, Albania, Bulgaria,
which too already have fall into borders of conflict.
For health Alexander, Branka, Balint, Dragana, Janko light a candle in
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

                                                         Dimitry Pilikin
                               Dmitry Pilikin

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