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Syndicate: Anti.War.Ar

dear all

The events of the first days of war really paralysed me and I felt in 
deep doubts about the sense of art, creativity, humanity, tolerance 
and beauty. But then a good friend challenged me: "...make a reaction 
to 'all bullfucking' situation from your point of view. don't be 
depressed, be cool and creative, please..!"

Well, I try now. I am not a political activist, i'm an artist, a 
creater and i think in poetry. But art and propaganda must not always 
be a contradiction and so I started to transmit a new 'Virtual 
Heatwave' to flame Anti.War.Art into the net. 

Currently we are two artists involved. Miss Saigon and me. We both 
will publish so much as possible so long as the 
war/peace-situation has not significantly changed. If you want to 
join us, be sure, you are very welcome. Contact   
Please visit and choose the link

sincerely yours
Klaus-dieter Michel

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