tony on Sat, 3 Apr 1999 04:38:15 +0100

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he meaning of this medium?

ho ho ho zvone, vuk and andreas,

with all the respect for your work .. being very much new to the list (6
moths reading..)

your reaction on mail posted from Anthropological Society is something that
brings sydicate on the level of OLD media ... and we all know what that

list should be open ...
ones  you start going as hard as you all did ... on people who think
different ...
you're killing the spirit of what net gives us ... freedom of expression...

people start to be frightened to post .. and opinions are lost because of
your possible reactions...

there's enough junk printed daily on news stands...  not to mention TV...

i believe you will kill syindicate if you do not realise what's going on ...
i didn't feel good about posting to list .. started to talk to people and
realised that i'm not alone....

by the way i thought that Anthropology S. post was disgusting

.. but there has to be understanding of how fragile free expression is ...
how easy it can be destroyed
and how easy the medium can lose it's meaning if it repress, in any way,
ones who use it


>ho a/v,
>pretty nice artifacts of low level embrional human brain! australopitecus?
>*missing link* maybe? any idea?
>> Ho a,
>> just recieved this crap, with request to forward,
>> do you feel like doing that.
>> vuk
>> ho vuk,
>> it is really bad, but we will want to be able to remember how stupid who
>> behaved afterwards, and the Anthropological Society should at some point in
>> the future be reminded of this one. let's remember things.
>> so, with some disgust, yes, i do feel like doing it.
>> -a
>> Dear Colleagues,
>bla snipped for at least two good reasons
>- 1) Massive bandwidth waste
>- 2) Can seems to someone as propaganda cheap spreading
>anyway if you are still interested in bla, here's your reference -> Subject:
>Re: Syndicate: anthropologists by way of vuk and andreas