Slobodan Markovic on Sat, 3 Apr 1999 05:20:24 +0200

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    Tonight, about 00:45, NATO missiles exploded in Belgrade's downtown.

    That is the first air-raid on Belgrade downtown since April the 6th
    1941, when Nazi German airplanes bombed Belgrade, marking the start 
    of military occupation of Yugoslavia.

    The targets, this night, were administrative buildings of Serbian and 
    Federal Police in Kneza Milosa Street.

    Right behind those buildings (some 30-50 meters) the largest medical 
    complex in Serbia is situated (Clinical Center of Serbia).

    Cruise missiles exploded less than 50 fucking meters from the biggest 
    maternity hospital in Belgrade. All newborn babies and their mothers 
    were immediately evacuated (who sane could think NATO will strike so 
    near the hospital buildings).

    CNN immediately started to transmit Serbian National TV's program with 
    images of nicely burning buildings, but cut off the transmission when 
    pictures showing hospital evacuation appeared...

    Until now, no one knows the number of possible casualties...

    I simply cannot believe that somebody can issue an order for missile 
    strike on a center of one European capital with more than 2.5 million 
    citizens. I simply cannot believe that such an idiot is breathing air 
    on this fucking planet.

    Feeling no good in Belgrade,

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