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Re: Syndicate: WEBSTOCK: cyberculture against genocide

Geert Lovink wrote:

> While one of the harshest genocides in history is taking place in the very
> heart of Europe, ART-IVISTS from the planetary and global generation are
> intensifying L'ART-EVOLUTION.

Cool, cool, cybercool. People in Kosovo will be so cyberhappy!

> Join us for the on-line forum and live act, or at the Web Bar in Paris

Here's the cool info on the cybercool Web Bar, from their cool website. This
cool multimedia e-space concept is certainly the answer to genocide....

Located on the edge of Paris's Marais district in a former goldsmith's
workshop, the Web bar covers 400m2 all under one glass roof. From the
entrance you have two rooms for the restaurant and the bar which then give
onto a vast central space with two mezzanines. The internet workshop is
located on the first of these with16 multimedia computers giving access to
the Web. The second mezzanine, just under the roof, is dedicated to the
Gallery. There is also a seperate room (fully-equipped with internet access
and audiovisual equipment for projections) which is totally independant from
the rest of the bar, an ideal place for training sessions and meetings. The
concept of the Web bar (bar, restaurant, internet and art gallery) is unique
in it's blend of multimedia and traditional french culture in a totally new
space. It's a place to visit and revisit.

Paul Treanor