Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 6 Jul 1998 14:13:42 +0100

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Syndicate: <nettime> ISEA competition, call for sponsors!

[at least these people have a good, if naive, sense of humour; maybe alexej
and daniel/TTTP can help; -a]

From: "Andy Forbes" <>
Subject: approved sponsors HURRAH!
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 16:07:22 +0100

Department of Fine Arts
Manchester Metropolitan University

Re: Sponsorship for Web specific art competition launching September
5-20 isea98: the ninth International Symposium on Electronic Art

Dear friend,

ISEA98TERROR has decided that the suggestion for the ninth International
Symposium of Electronic Art web site, the 'net-art98'
project/competition, hosted by Ellipsis and with production by Junction
15 and Warp-Interactive, is an excellent initiative. We believe this
online international competition, probably the first to be held for this
emerging art format [where have these people been in the last four years?
-a], will be crucial in developing and moving forward artistic endeavour on
the web. Despite the tight time schedule we believe there is lightly to be
a great response from artists and the worldwide web audience alike, with
resulting good coverage for the competition and its sponsors in the
conventional and online press.

The Manchester Digital Summer programme is moving into full swing. The
birth of "The Baby" (the first ever stored-programme computer) was
celebrated on Sunday 21st June at the Museum of Science and Industry.
You will no doubt have seen the many media articles and screenings
around this rebuilt computer. The summer continues with events
throughout and will lead to ISEA98 as the climax in September. We have
received over 800 submissions from the open submission calls and it
promises to be the UK's biggest ever electronic arts event to date and
indeed the most ambitious ISEA so far, making the Ninth Annual ISEA a
crucial event in the arts calendar worldwide. The online voting for the
net-art98 competition will open at the beginning of ISEA98TERROR, a
first elimination of competitiors will be made at the close of the event,
and voting will then continue till December '98 culminating with the
award of prizes based on the final vote. [this language
(terror/elimination) is quite interesting; but more interesting will be the
programming stunts that the nat.artists will pull off in order to
manipulate the voting process: expect a convincing demonstration of the
merits of an online-democracy! -a]

We would like to offer you the opportunity to develop the net-art98
competition in conjunction with ourselves. We currently need to boost
the prize money on offer and also provide some funds to ensure the
smooth running of the competition. All sponsors will appear on the main
competition web page in order of contribution (with small logos hot
linked to their own web sites) and on all competition publicity and
press releases.

Myself, as Head of Department and as Executive Director of ISEA98, am
signatory for a charitable account at MMU, where this will be fully
accountable and auditable. Any sponsorship cheques for net-art98 should
be made payable to "Manchester Metropolitan University" and sent to
myself at the above address.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Professor John Hyatt

Executive Director/Chair ISEA98TERROR