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Syndicate: Game Without Borders

Call for antiracist camp and action at the german-polish-czech border

July 24  - August 2, 1998.

An alliance of antiracist and antifascist groups will organize a one
week action-camp this summer near the town of Gц╤rlitz. The camp is one
highlight of the campaign "Kein Mensch ist illegal" (No one is illegal)
this year. The campaign was started in 1997, connecting the work of more

than one hundred groups. The camp will be prepared by groups from all
over Germany and the camp site area.

Today's border consists no longer of the conventional defences.
Politicians and authorities systematically prepare a climat of betrayal
and uncertainty to make it impossible for refugees and immigants to
cross the border. The idea is that those who aren't stopped by the
paramilitary patrols still face a hinterland full of domestic deputies
and stired up local people.

Border means more than ever: chasing people who are trying to escape
hunger, exploitation and war. They leave their homecountries because
their chances there are zero. Many times the run is thousands of
kilometers long and very strenuous. We appreciate these people's
courage, perseverance and resolution. A mentality that refuses any
solidarity and greeting, and blocks access by program is definately
unacceptable to us.

At the same time border means: broad brainwash activity meant to arouse
the public opinon against immigrants. It has become more difficult not
to be influenced by it. With the camp we want to stand up against the
veiling and stupifying procedure of the political responsible and on the

other hand support the people who want to or who have to oppose this
machinery. Our means are education and objective information as well as
tactical experiments and calculated irritations. We want to realize
effective countermeassures to expose the barbarism of the border-regime
and stop it wherever it is possible.

The fight against borders is directed against infrared cameras, plastic
fetters and the practices of observation. Further against
narrow-mindedness, prejudice and racism. We know that this fight is
never hopeless.

Why to the border?

There are about 10.000 policemen stationed at the borders to Poland and
the Czech Republic at the moment to enforce the merciless border regime.

The concept of "veil-investigation" (Schleierfahnung) is about moving
patrols and far-fetched scenarios of threat. Demagogues deliver war-talk

speaking of "open flanks" and "criminally organized migration". At the
same time, any kind of self-organized entry is slandered as "alien
smuggling crime", a hypocrisy which seems to gain ground even in
left-wing and humanitarian circles. With the stiffening of
immigration-laws natural acts of humanity have become offences under
threat of heavy penalties. The law suits against taxidrivers of Zittau
shall set an example to scare off any kind of help for migrants. The
greasy campaign will probably gain force in election-period of 1998.

Game without borders

The aim of the camp is to disturb the borderline regime of the EU and
Schengen states, at least get it into discussion. In preparation are: -
happenings and interventions with a public impact - Spontaneous action
to capture the attention of patrols and disturb the practice of control
- discusssions in smaller groups and workshops - a wide program of
raves, parties and concerts.

Saturday, 4th July:
Preparation meeting in Zittau. Registration necessary.

Friday to Sunday, 24th  to 26th July:
The camp will start with a big rave organized by "Radical rave", a
Berlin group well experienced  in arranging such events. For the
BORDERLINE international rave one or two thousand people are expected,
including guests from Poland and Czechia.

Monday, 27th July:
First day of the camp, we want to present and publish our ideas and
official programm to the people of the region. A  comprehensive leaflet
is in preparation to offer the people another view (of migrants!) and to

declare opposition against racist agitation. A sight-seeing-tour with
music wagon and speeches is planned for Goerlitz, the town near the
campsite. Besides, we want to use the first day for internal discussion
about the conception and ideas. The legal situation will be explained.
We want to be open for new proposals and get to know each other a little


Tuesday, 28th July:
Flight assistance yes, denunciation no!. A monument for "The Unknown
Flighthelpers" will be placed. The planned street theatre wants to
provoke the so-called "Bц╪rgerwehren", these are groups of people
organized by
volunteers to control and help the border-police to catch refugees.

Wednesday, 29th July:
Border-law day. A demonstration in front of the court, where
taxi-drivers have been sentenced for having transported "illegal
migrants" into Germany, has been organized. We will also be able to
visit the responsible judge. Finally: "Jailquake" in front of the
Gц╤rlitz prison with music and speeches.

Thursday, 30th July:
Day of antifacist action. In the area exists an active structure of
nazi-groups which is tolerated or even supported by many local people
and also by local authorities. Demonstrations and other activities.

Friday, 31st July :
Against wo-men-hunters! We will organize protest against the german
border-police (BGS). Demonstration at or blocade of the BGS station,
helicopter port and police-school in Rothenburg to denounce the daily
(mal)treatment of refugees and migrants.

Saturday, 1st August:
On the final day we play! A "game without borders": regatta on the
border river Neisse and more activities in the border zone.

And: Open-air cinema, camp paper, camp radio (bring tuners), internet
activities ("hacking the borderline"), conferences, fitness, happenings,

parties and concerts.