Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 6 Jul 1998 14:22:07 +0100

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Syndicate: <nettime> Balkan Answer, St. Petersburg, Aug. 1998

From: "Dmitry Shubin" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21:49:35 +0400


BALKAN ANSWER is a festival of ex-Yugoslavian videoproduction that will take
place in St.Petersburg, Russia, August 1-6, 1998.

The program is supported by Open Society Institute, St.Petersburg branch,
and is presented by Alexander Davic (Yugoslavia). From the Russian side the
program is initiated and coordinated by Dimitry Pilikin.

All the pieces putten in the program are production of the nineties from
Federal republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).

(documentary video) - duration 155 minutes

author                   title                      length  year of

1. Janko Baljak          Crime that changed Serbia  35min   1995

2. Janko Baljak          Ethnically clean           25min   1998

3. Balint Szombaty       Flags II                   5min    1995

4. Olivera Milos Todorovic
                         Shock is spreading         19min   1994

5. Aleksandar Davic      Putting our best foot      22min   1996
    Tolnai Szabolcs       forward
    Nenad Milosevic

6. Goran Markovic         Belgrade follies          42min   1997

7. Radivoje Andric        River of January          6min    1997

8. Boban Skerlic          Sound of Serbia           1min    1997

(video art) - duration 120 minutes

1. Zoran Naskoski        L`Origine du Monde         11min   1997

2. Dragana Zarevac       Le Deuil                   6min    1996

3. Bada Dada             Panic Ping Pong            5min    1995

4. Bada Dada             Borderline                 6min    1997

5.Aleksandar Davic       The Last Dada Performance  36min   1992

6. Aleksandar Davic      The Eyewitness             3min    1995

7. Sonja Savic           Play                       22min   1998

8. Apsolutno
   Aleksandar Davic      Good Evening               7min    1996

9. Vesna                 Tokin Feelings             5min    1996

10. Dejan Andjelkovic    Ten seconds before murder  15min   1997
    Jelica Radosavljevic

11. Branka Milicic Davic Dream                      4min    1997