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Syndicate: InterNyet: A Video Curator's Dispatches from Russia and Ukraine

The Museum of Modern Art
11 W 53 Street
New York, NY 10019

For Immediate Release
July 1998

For more information, contact:
Harris Dew, 212/708-9847


InterNyet: A Video Curator's Dispatches from Russia and Ukraine
Launches July 2, 1998 on MoMA Web Site

Beginning July 2, 1998, The Museum of Modern Art presents InterNyet: A
Video Curator's Dispatches from Russia and Ukraine, an online chronicle
from Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, as
she travels across Russia and Ukraine meeting established and
up-and-coming artists and discovering their work.  InterNyet is
accessible on the Museum's Web site at
Following an introductory prologue on July 2, Ms. London's first
dispatch from the eastern edge of Europe will go up July 6, and new
entries will be posted on a regular basis throughout the month.
In search of new art forms, Ms. London will wind her way from St.
Petersburg to Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, and Siberia.  Bearing laptop,
digital still and video cameras, and DAT recorder, she will chronicle
her encounters with media artists in a region of the world where digital
technologies have only recently become available to the general public.
The project will use RealAudio and RealVideo to present interviews with
artists, scholars, and critics, as well as still and moving images of
new Russian and Ukrainian artworks, and music and sound installations.  
Ms. London's dispatches will also include her informal commentary on the
new art and artists of the post-Soviet era, as she chronicles her
encounters with these works and elaborates on her own curatorial
process.  The project incorporates an interactive forum that allows
visitors to the site to email questions and comments to Ms. London at, and she will post responses during her travels.
InterNyet is a companion project to Ms. London's Stir-Fry: A Video
Curator's Dispatches from China, which was launched in September 1997 as
a co-production with äda 'web, accessible at  In
this groundbreaking online diary, London examined China's contemporary
arts scene, visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou.  Both
InterNyet and Stir-Fry are designed by Vivian Selbo. 
Funding for InterNyet: A Video Curator's Dispatches from Russia and
Ukraine was provided by the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the
International Council of The Museum of Modern Art.  Video hosting is
provided by
Online since April 1996, The Museum's Web site offers comprehensive
information on MoMA's collection, exhibitions, and programs.  Greg Van
Alstyne, Design Manager, New Media, art directs the site and organizes
the content.  Since the inception of the site, OVEN Digital Solutions in
New York has provided design, programming, and maintenance services. 


No. 54
For more information on InterNyet: A Video Curator's Dispatches from
Russia and Ukraine, please contact Harris Dew, Film and Video Publicist,
at 212/708-9847 or by email at

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