stephen kovats on Tue, 13 Jan 1998 16:13:34 -0500

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Syndicate: Addendum to the Addendum on the report on Cluj!

re-re"synagogue building on Nameless Street"

OK OK Everybody!!

Really, even if one overlooks the potholes Cluj really is a cool place! I'm
sorry that I didn't explicitly make a posting on this project earlier, it
somehow got lost in shuffling and info-overdoses, although I did present
it, with fresh pics in Liverpool (albeit in perhaps too brief a go!;=))

One thing that I did however forget in the last Addendum, was Csilla
KÅ¡nczei's email address (sorry Vuk, I'm sure you'll think that's
unforgivably sacreligious!)

<<>> for Csilla KÅ¡nczei

Csilla also wrote (in a hard copy snail mail) recently that the opening (of
the centre that I mentioned earlier) turned into something of a "cultural
manifestation... which was an experience of how to use the space and how to
attract people into that space. I think it worked." and "Now the hardest
part begins and continues: looking for funds for repairing the building and
for later programs. ... We are applying for the Kaleidescope project of the
EU, and are looking for western partners..."


Stephen Kovats!